Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butter Luck Next Time

It kind of just hit me that I have steppies. Yeah, I've got 2 sister steppies and 2 brother steppies.


I've never had step siblings before, I'm only hoping this means more Christmas presents for me.

Me, and the hungry children of course. (I always think of the hungry children first.)

But, I think I like having steppies because it also means more weddings!

This is one of my new steppies Katie, she just got married isn't she gorgeous?

I loved her colors!

Never mind that her wedding was a month ago and I'm just barely posting about it....I haven't even posted about Easter yet! Fine, here's Katie and her new hubby on Easter:

You can tell they were made for each other.

The wedding was gorgeous, it was a beautiful day!

Everyone knows that I'm Logan's favorite but now I've got competition.

BIG competition.

Mike has been moving up in the ranks in Logan's opinion, but I'm destined to stay on top. This means war!

Ok, you may be wondering why I included a picture of the butter from our table at the wedding luncheon. Yes, the butter was great, one regular one raspberry, but that is not the reason why I took a picture.

I took a picture of the butter because of this girl:

She is constantly making me her. So there we were, sitting at our table waiting for our food to be served and the servers come out and put the butter on the table first.

No rolls. No salad. Just butter.

As we continued to wait for the bride and groom I could see Lindee's face getting worried. I could tell she was really concerned. She continued to grow more and more anxious until she finally blurted out:

"I don't know why they brought out the ice cream before dinner, it's going to melt!"

And of course the table busted up laughing. Even the two strangers sitting at our table busted up.

I stupidly corrected her and told her it was butter, which I immediately regretted doing when Mike suggested that she eat it.

But it was too late, I had already opened my big mouth. After being with Mike for so long now I should have learned to keep my mouth shut and let her eat the butter.

Butter luck next time.