Monday, March 26, 2012

Wait, Who's Giving Birth?

Over the weekend Mike and I went to visit his fam for a little Birthday celebration. His mom arranged to have a chef come to her house and give us a cooking lesson and fix us a gourmet meal.

So those who wanted to cook, cooked. And those who pretended they wanted to cook, drank. Maybe you can tell which team everyone was on...

Team Drunk

Or Team Cook

And this is the man of the night, Chef Mike! I'm still not sure which team he was on...

(Yes there were three Mike's in the kitchen that night. I had a hard time telling them apart.)

The extremely tall dude in the pic above is Mike's brother in law. He's only 9 foot 10. No big deal. And that cutey standing next to him is Mike's sister.

She is not 9 foot 10. (Ok he's not really 9 foot 10, more like 6 foot huge.)

After dinner Mike's bro-in-law leaned back in his chair and rubbing his belly said,

"I'm so full I feel like I could give birth!"

Everyone laughed at the joke, everyone except his wife. Apparently it was an inside joke that Mike and I were not included in. We weren't let in on the little joke until later that night when Mike's sis blurted out

"Sooooo, how does Uncle Michael sound?" (Yes, you have to call Mike "Michael" when his family is present. Sounds so weird to me!)

Michael's (ie. Mike's) face went white as the fact that his sister was pregnant sunk in. He was seriously in shock. He didn't think they were actually going to have kids. They have chickens, that's pretty much the same thing right?

Except I'm pretty sure kids don't lay eggs. But I could be wrong.

After he snapped back to the present he said his congratulations and everyone was all happy and shit. If you didn't know, Mike LOVES kids.

In fact my neph Logan was talking to his mom the other day and said,

"I have two favorite aunts, aunt Pooba and aunt Mike!"

Yeah, Mike's already a favorite aunt, and now he is going to be a favorite uncle! The news is especially exciting as this is the first grandchild in their family. Here are the two proud grandparents to be:

(Shut up I know the pic is blurry but my cell phone bites! And also takes blurry pics.)

Apparently when Mike's sis and bro-in-law told her mom the news earlier that day, her first words were:

"Bout time! Thanks for knockin up my daughter!!"

So good luck to them, they are going to have 10 foot 9 babies! I mean, did you see this dude?

The dude in yellow, the other dude is mine. Mike is holding a cross bow he made out of skis and a bunch of other shit he found layin round the house. He's crazy creative like that.

Love his guts!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Something else that happened.

I chopped my hair....What?

No, not really, SHE chopped my hair. Oh how I love SHE!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"The One"

My baby sis has had some absolutely brilliant ideas for her wedding. You only get married once *wink*wink* so she should have her way right? Here are just two examples of this bride's ideas:

1. "Lets have the wedding and reception at Classic Skating! We can rent out the whole place and everyone can wear roller skates and play games!"


2. "I want to make my wedding dress entirely out of coffee filters!"


Thank God I was put on this earth to be her wedding planner and have vetoed every single one of her brilliant ideas.

She would be lost with out me...

So I grabbed her long fricken ponytail and dragged her wedding dress shopping. Something every bride has been dying to do since the day she played Barbie-marries-Ken-and-has-naked-baby-making-time-in-the-bedroom. Right?

I was determined to beat this anti-bride attitude out of her for good. She was loving it...

That dress above was my mom's favorite. I wasn't a fan of the whole side-swiping-into-the-flower-on-her-hip look.

This one would be beautiful if I could rip off that awkward looking fabric gathered under her boobs.

I was giddy when she started trying on the mermaid style wedding dresses. She has the perfect body for it: tall, skinny & curvy.

Is that a smile I see? My plan was working, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, she was getting more excited with each dress.

I wish these pictures could do her justice, but the only camera I had was my cell phone which has a tendency to turn anything gorgeous into some dark looking creature so the fact that she doesn't look like a gremlin in these photos goes to show how amazing she looked in real life!

Now this next one was her favorite from the first store we went to.

Again, the pictures do not do her justice, she looked gorgeous!

Now I about died when she tried this next one on and said she thought it was "The One".

I distinctly remember trying to swallow the lunch that I had just regurgitated in my mouth before trying to speak. I'm sorry, but this just looked cheap. Or maybe it's the whole side swipe look I didn't like.

No, it's because it looked cheap. There was no way in hell I was letting her walk out with that one.

No way.

Now this next one was MY favorite. I still can't get over the back of the dress, I wanted to die. Or rip it off her body and wear it out the door...

Isn't that gorgeous??

I'm sure you all want to know which dress she picked right? Well, it was none of the above and sadly I don't have a picture of her actually wearing the dress she picked, but I can tell you she chose the perfect dress! And by the way she was holding back her tears when she saw herself in the mirror, you could tell she had no doubt she had found

"The One"

So what's your favorite?

Monday, March 5, 2012


So this:

Decided he wanted this:

So he bought her this:

And she gave him this:

(Her hand, not the ring.)

And now they are going to do this:


And this:


(In case you didn't follow all that, my baby sis is gettin married!)