Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Best Damn Giveaway You'll Ever Enter

All right everybody, are you ready for this? In honor of Judy, I am hosting a giveaway to help raise money for her cancer treatments.

You, yes YOU, have the chance to win an apron from Boojiboo aprons!

These are just a few examples of the aprons that Boojiboo offers. If you win this giveaway, you get to CHOOSE the apron design that you like best! There are over 100 aprons to choose from!

There will be two winners, the first will win the apron and the second winner gets the mystery prize!

Here is how to enter:

1. Leave a comment.

2. For two extra entries, write a post and/or link Judy's fundraising blog to your blog and take the button on my sidebar, then leave me a comment telling me you did so.

3. For ten extra entries, click on the "chip in" button below and donate to help Judy recieve her cancer treatments. If you prefer to donate through other means, simply go to Judy's Fundraising Blog and follow the directions. Doesn't matter how much you donate, any amount will help! Then come back here and leave a comment to let me know that you donated.

The contest will end Monday at 12:00 pm MST and the winner will be announced that afternoon. If you have already left a donation, please leave me a comment so I can get you entered into the contest!

"Please help our Gramma fight cancer!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please Help Brolan's Grandma!

My sister-in-law, Brolan's mother, received some awful news about her mom. Her mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has already spread to her liver and to her lungs. If you remember back before Brolan was born, I posted about Judy and her famous tattoo that helped Brolan receive his name.

She has been given 2 years at best to live, treatment options for her are limited because the aortic valve of her heart is damaged so her heart may not withstand traditional treatments. Some alternate treatments look promising but unfortunately insurance does not cover those costs.

They have set up a donations blog for anyone who can donate some money to help her receive these treatments. If you can please go leave a donation, any amount will help!


Brolan will thank you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just An FYI Before the Drugs Knock Me Out For Good

So I had to get a little surgery today, if you can even call it that. I had to lie on my back while my doctor dug into my chest to remove a mole. It sucked and now I'm tired and a little loopy from the pain meds. I'm trying not to breath too hard so my stitches don't rip apart. Geez I thought he was just removing a mole but after he drew a 2 inch by 1/2 inch oval on my chest I got a little worried.

But mole is gone, stitches are in (and better not scar!) and hopefully the test comes back negative for Melanoma. It's really no big deal, I just feel bad for the nurse because when the doctor started digging, her face went white and she grabbed her mouth and ran out of the room.

Sorry, did I fart or something?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wicked Earings

Look what I got!

I entered Sarah's contest a couple weeks ago to win one of three jewelry pieces by Juditude. I only had to leave eighty comments to win, it was only fair.

I love them! I just got them in the mail yesterday.

And of course I am styling them today!

So thank you Sarah and Daisy you girls rock!

On another note, my sister finally found her way back out of Emigration Canyon and posted about her experience on her blog, you should go convince her to give me her first born child as pay back.

(Great idea Kristina!)

Oh and I can't wait to see Wicked tomorrow night! I will probably have something to say about it on Monday. Has anyone else seen Wicked?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I was driving home from the grocery store yesterday when I saw the weirdest lookin animal I've ever seen in the middle of the street. From where I was at, it looked like a mix between a small dog and a raccoon with an extremely long fuzzy tail.

"What the?" I said out loud to myself, is that possible?


I'm never letting my dog outside again, a cross between a raccoon and a Great Dane could be deadly!

Well, as I got closer I realized it wasn't just one animal, it was twelve! They were just waddling down the middle of the road like they owned the place.

I drove home as fast as I could and threw the groceries inside the house, losing a 1/2 gallon of milk in the process, so that I could get some pictures of this cute little family.

We don't live near any water so I'm not sure where these little guys came from or where they were going! Mama duck didn't like me following them around at first, but at least I was able to get them off the road. Look at them trying to get up the curb! I was dying, they were so cute!

"Mama wait for me!" That's what they were saying in Chick language. Didn't know I was fluent in Chickish did you? That's why I get along so well with the Three Bay B Chicks.

We understand eachother.

After we enjoyed tea, cookies, and great conversation, I figured it was time to let them go on their way. They had a long way to go but I have confidence in that Mama that she will get her chicks to safety.

I named her Francesca.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Should Be In St. George Right Now.

Yesterday was just a typical day in the life of Grand Pooba, starting out the day with a steamin hot caramel macchiato and ending the day by falling asleep while reading a book. What happened in between was not so ordinary.

About 3:00 yesterday I had just finished frosting some cupcakes (wearing my new Easter Apron of course) when I got a phone call from my sister. I answered the phone (which in itself is a miracle, your welcome Lindee) and she started small talk, the usual, what ya doin? Oh, that's cool. etc. When I finally asked what she's up to and she replied by casually saying,

"Oh we're just stranded."

I'm thinking Okay, she lost her keys again. But she told me what happened, Lin (sis), Lance (her husband) and Logan (their adorable child) went to Emigration Canyon to hike and hang out, and when they were ready to leave, the car key broke off in the trunk keyhole so they couldn't start the car.

And Lindee made sure that I was aware that this time,


It was her hub who broke the key off in the lock. Which of course I didn't believe because I can't count how many times she has locked her keys in the car or lost her keys, cell phone, wallet, Logan, & her mind. etc. etc. (Just kidding bout the Logan part, please don't call child services)

So I told her I'd come and pick them up. I had no idea where Emigration Canyon was (yes I've lived in Utah 27 years and still didn't know) So Lance gave me some directions and I go to google maps and got directions from my house, which Google tells me is 46 minutes away.

I threw a few water bottles and a batch of cupcakes in the car and I was on my way. Of course I hit traffic on the freeway which made the drive very pleasant for me. Finally I get into the canyon and I'm driving, and driving, and driving expecting to run right into Lin & Lance at the end of the road. After driving over an hour I start seeing office buildings and realize I just drove right through the whole canyon to the other side.


So I call them up and it turns out they were giving me directions from the opposite way that I came. Whoops, my fault no wonder I couldn't find them! So I had to turn around and drive back into the Canyon, this time the directions were right on, imagine that.

So after 2 hours of driving, I finally found them. Grand Pooba to the rescue! Too bad I left my tights and cape at home. So we packed them up and were we are finally on our way out of the canyon, again.

Logan was doin so great, he was so cute and happy to see me, but of course who wouldn't be? So we ate cupcakes and I drove them up to Layton where they borrowed my baby sis's car to drive another 20 minutes up North to get their spare keys, and then drive back up the canyon to their car.

My part was done! Phew! I felt so bad for them, because they're journey was still not done! But I finally was able to drive back south to Sandy and I end up getting home at 7:00 pm. Lets see, I left at 3:00, got back at 7:00, that's 4 hours spent driving!

I could've driven to St. George in that amount of time and be mooching off my BFF DeAnna, pinching her kids' cute cheeks and raiding her refrigerator right now!

Yep De, you are so missing out! I blame Lindee.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm Never Brushing My Teeth Again.

Everyone brushes their teeth to remove any food, gunk or in my case, chocolate, that may stain or get stuck in their teeth. You'd never expect the simple act of brushing your teeth and rinsing out your mouth to have the opposite affect.

I was brushing my teeth as usual this morning and leaned over the sink to spit out that foamy substance, I then cranked my neck to the side to take a drink of water running from the faucet. While I was sucking the water into my mouth, a little gnat flies in front of my face.

I immediately try to swat him away while I straighten up to get a better view of the little creep. So now I'm standing there with my mouth full of water looking for this nasty guy when I realize where the bugger went.

I actually stood there for about 20 seconds looking at myself in the mirror debating whether I should spit the water out or just swallow it. I tried to convince myself that the gnat had probably just flew out of the bathroom to free himself from the crazy giant lady swatting at him.

Finally I shut my eyes, leaned over the sink and let the water spill out of my mouth. When I opened my eyes, sure enough, Mr. Nat had flowed out of my mouth and into the sink. As the water circled it's way down the drain, Mr. Nat clung to the side of the sink as if he wanted me to be certain that he had been in my mouth, rubbing against my teeth and drowning down onto my tongue.

He was dead.

The bastard died.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Are So Hard Core.

We finally did it. After this and this, the day of the concert finally came!


Here are the players left to right:

The Annie (queen of fashion), The Kelsi (my darling neice), The Lindee (lil sis & partner in crime), The Sydney (Baby sis's non-boyfriend's little sister, did ya get that?) & The Alyse (baby sis with the non-boyfriend).

The last concert that I went to at the Saltaire was my boyfriend's, Gerard, and his cute little group My Chemical Romance.

Loved it by the way.

But I was pick pocketed during the concert. And yes, police officer who wrote down my case, I was pick pocketed from my back pocket and I didn't even notice. He was acting like I was crazy, hello? Has he never been to a concert where you get smashed, trampled, groped and grabbed constantly? Ugh.

Anyway, so I was way to scared to take my new camera into the actual concert so I made everyone pose outside the Saltaire before we went in. As promised girls, here they are!

Annie grabbing my ass. I didn't complain.

Thanks Sydney for being our photographer as we attempted to be America's Next Top Models. Much love.

Wow, in the next pic it looks like Alyse is grabbing my crotch. She did not grab my crotch, or maybe she did and I didn't notice because I seem to have a problem with things like that.

Ok, so we did actually get to go inside and see the concert, I tried my best to get pics with my camera phone. The pictures aren't great but I think you get the idea.

The guys first came out in these suits with their hair nice and combed over. Pete looked like he had a black eye. (bottom pic)

Then they left the stage, changed clothes,

and Annie was happy,

and we were too.

And we were also very hard core.

So Annie and I went there thinking that we wanted to hump Pete, the guitar player. (You know, Ashlee Simpson's husband?) But dude, Patrick, the lead singer, has got lungs! He was so amazing live! And I think we fell in love with him instead. Pete did most of the talking, probably because he is the hottest member of the band, but he is so little and short in real life, he kinda looks like a little kid on stage.

So we changed our opinion and now we want to hump Patrick instead.

Yes Angie, I'm talking about humping.


So we all had a great time and left the concert very sweaty, out of breath, and soar throats. (sorry Annie!) Hence no "after" pics thank you very much.

Oh, and just an FYI, my husband is well aware of my humping dreams about Patrick. He's ok with it.

I think.

Monday, April 13, 2009

All Rainbows, Bubblegum and Perfectness

First off, to see the winners of the Chick Chat contest go here. If your name isn't Yaya, Tonya, or Donnetta, you didn't win.


And thanks to everyone who participated in the Chick Chat kick off, the Three Bay B Chicks & Hot Chocolate Carmel Mocha are my idols (Not my American Idols, that's totally something different I haven't heard them sing, I'm just talking about my life idols, ya know, the type of people you want to grow up and be like? That kind of idol, and not in a weird worshipping kind of way because I believe in the ten commandments, well all except for that one about not stealing, I could take or leave that one. Mostly take. From Andrea's house. When she's not looking.)

And of course I send my love to Kathy B and Ryan Ashley Scott, much respect for these two girls that do NOT sound like men on video!

Now it's time for Easter pics. We went to Al's parents yesterday for Easter Sunday and yes, we all got Easter baskets! Check out my basket:

And look what I found hiding from me:

Twilight! Yay, I finally have my own Twilight DVD for me to watch over and over again. I plan on tying the hubster to a chair, taping his eyes open, and forcing him to partake of all the Vampire goodness.

So besides getting spoiled to death by my mom and dad-in-law, I got to spend some time with these cuties!

I love these kids so much, they are so fun and have such cute personalities. Check out this cute face!

She loved these bunnies, she'd hug and kiss them and then knock them down and laugh.

She had to have this one sitting next to her at dinner so she could feed it. Of course. Bunnies have to eat to ya know.

Mom and daughter:

My cute sister-in-laws chattin away. I really lucked out in the sister-in-law department!

Well really I lucked out in the total in-law package. This woman is hilarious, she gets laughing so hard she starts wheezing! And she always goes all out for our family dinners, everything is always perfect.

For example, perfect Salad.

So thanks Cris and Terry for such a good Easter day!

Yes, I am aware that this post was all rainbows and bubblegum happiness which goes against my own bloggy advice in the Chick Chat video, but....yesterday really was bubblegum and rainbows. Well, except for the time when my dad-in-law locked me in the cold cement cellar with the lights out. Not sure what I did to deserve that but it must have been bad!

Ok, so he didn't really lock me in the cellar. He just turned the lights off and shut the door while I was in there admiring Mama Silkman's wine collection, but still, I had to stumble my way around to get out of there!

Don't worry, I'll probably do something stupid tonight to blog about tomorrow.