Friday, May 29, 2009

Mmmmm Honey.....

Native Honey handbags!

Have you seen these yet? I've never seen anything like them before, aren't they cool?

I've been sitting here looking at their website and trying to pick my favorite ones. This is so hard, but here are my favs:

You've got to go check them out, these handbags are all made from recycled fabric remnants so no two bags are alike. This is me hooking you all up here, when I find cute things I must share!

Did I mention that these are authentic hand bags made right here in Utah?

So click below to start shopping. We all know you've got nothing better to do.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is my mom.

She is very pretty.

She is very smart.

She borned all 5 of her kids and she also loves anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

She also loves me.

She loves me more than she loves any other child she borned. I know because she tells me this every time I see her.

It's science really.

The proof is right here in my brother's face, total jealousy.

Speaking of science...

My mom just graduated! But not in science. She graduated with a Bachelors in Health Service Administration (Or something like that).

Yep, my Mom The Graduate. I am so proud of her, this was no easy task to accomplish. It's hard to go back to school after not setting foot in one after 60 years!

Not only did she work and do an internship while going to school, but she also had to take care of my baby sis Alyse! That right there is a full time job. A full time job with no pay. Don't deny it Alyse, we all know that you are the problem child in this family.

It's science really.

Growing up my mom engrained in me how important it was to get a college education. She did not finish college when she was younger and it was her biggest regret. She was the main reason why I went to college and she inspired me to be independent. I love my mom.

And look at her now!

I think this picture is kinda funny. The guy is squirting hand sanitizer into her hands after she had finished shaking hands with everyone. You can't risk the swine flew at graduation ya know!

So here's to you mom! A big tootildoo and wootipoo to you! I have no idea where that came from. I apologize. I'm just so proud of my mama!

And maybe a little hyped up on caffeine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I'm Not Going To Tell You About Vegas

Sorry everyone but I've got a few more things to share about Vegas. Actually I have not even touched on the whole reason why we went to Vegas so I'm going to do that now. Lee, since you live in Vegas you have my permission to totally skip this one.

You're welcome.

We stayed at the Venetian because that is where Wine Spectator hosted their 2009 Grand Tour and yes, we got to go!

Over 200 wineries were there to pour one of their best wines. When you enter the banquet room, you are given a Wine Spectator Wine Glass and Guide listing all the wineries and wines being served with areas for your tasting notes.

So you basically go around to the different booths and taste their wines. Every booth had a representative from its winery and usually one or two buckets for you to spit or dump wine from your glass. If you don't like the wine, you don't wanna dump the wine in front of the wine maker, that's just rude. I would go to the next wine maker and dump it in their bucket so they could then refill my glass.

At first we did a lot of dumping but later, we did find some yummy ones! All the French Bordeaux's were the highlight of the night for me. The most popular wines were so crowded because everyone wanted to taste them. Everyone was dressed up and there was a buffet to pair your wines with food. The food was lacking and so was the seating but we had eaten dinner before we went so it wasn't too bad for us. I just wish we would have stayed longer because there were so many wines we didn't taste.

And one suggestion for anyone that is going to go to a huge wine tasting like that is to learn about the wines that will be poured before you go. After the tasting, I was looking at the guide with all the different wines and I missed a ton of good ones that I would have liked to try. And I heard later that some of the wineries actually ran out of wine before the night was over so you definitely want to visit your favorites first!

Thanks Mom- and Dad-in-law for taking Alex and I, it was definitely a learning experience for me and we both loved it!

Now I mentioned that we got a Wine Spectator Wine glass from the tasting right? Well the minute we stepped out of the banquet area, Alex just about threw his in the trash! I about died, hello? We get to keep the glasses! I stopped him from throwing it away but at the time, I didn't know what pain they would be taking home!

Those stupid wine glasses did not want to make it back to Utah. I carefully packed them in our M&M bag and stuffed them with tissues so they wouldn't bang around. When they had to go through on the security belt to make sure they weren't laced with arsenic or something, they somehow fell out of the bag in the process.

I was standing on the other side of the belt waiting from them to come out and I hear this clanking sound while they both came rolling out falling into the crease between the belts. I about died for the second time. Luckily I yelled at the airport lady and she stopped the belt just in time and was able to save the glasses before they broke.

Then when the belt started up again, out came all the tissue I had used to stuff the bag. It looked like crumpled up toilet paper and I had stuffed so many freakin tissues in that damn bag and now they were falling all over everyone's stuff. I finally gave up trying to gather them all and just grabbed my glasses and left.

So they finally made it home and I put them in the dishwasher and this is how they looked after coming out:

Clean? Yes. Clear? Yes, but that's the problem. The whole reason I wanted to keep the glasses was because they had a frosted Wine Spectator logo on them so we could keep them as a souvenir, but no. All that trouble to get them home and they are now like any other wine glass, no logo remains at all.

Fricken A! Oh well, now we have 2 miss matched wine glasses that are now out of place but whatever, maybe I'll just write "Wine Spectator Grand Tour 2009" on them with magic marker.

Yep, that's what I'll do. It'll all be worth it now.

Okay, check this out, I actually got the guys to pose for the camera. This doesn't happen very often and maybe it was just because the guys couldn't give up the opportunity to stand next to the life size blue men group, but I'm glad it happened!

This was our last day when we left Bert and Ernie to gamble, I mean Alex and Terry, while we went to look at the lions and dolphins.

And below we have a statue, not a human being. A statue.

Okay, you caught me. It's a human being pretending to be a statue. The way it works is that people will give the statue lady money and then pose with her for a picture.

Well, we didn't realize that you could stand up by the statue to pose after giving her a tip. So Cris went to tip the statue and the statue kept moving her fingers telling us come up and take a picture. Well we thought she was really saying to give her a bigger tip.

Look at the statue's face in the next pic when she realized we thought she was just being greedy:

It was probably my fault because I kept laughing yelling, "Oh, she wants more money!" People probably thought we were pretty dumb, but whatever. They can suck it.

So that's it for Vegas, here we are headin to the airport in the limo. I thought they were blog worthy pictures. And I am not going to write about how Cris tripped while getting into the limo and totally fell flat on her face. I would never tell an embarrassing story like that about anybody else but me.


Friday, May 22, 2009

I Left My Handcart At Home

You wanna get some good exersize? Go to Vegas with Dear Albert. I guess I first need to clear up some confusion that I have caused about my hubster's name. I refer to him as many different things:

Mother Effer

Ok, I just threw that last one in there for fun, I actually call him Father Effer, I'm not THAT mean people! So there you have it now you know all those names are referring to the same person. Now back to the Vegas exersize.

Saturday May 16th 2009
The following events take place between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm

1. At the Caesar's Palace Forum shops, Albert buys pants for his sexy booty.

2. Albert buys a drink for his thirsty throat.

3. We catch a cab over to The Coca-Cola Factory

See these two? They are the very proud parents of my husband Al and his brother Brandon. (Clay is their son too but he didn't go Vegas)

Alex and his brother have a very special relationship, they love each other so much. They even have pet names for each other, every time I hear Alex calling Brandon on the phone, I hear "Biiiiiiiiiiiitch!" in a loud high pitched voice. That's how I know he's talking to Brandon. Isn't that the sweetest?

So Brandon thought it'd be hilarious to make his mean older brother drink hairspray. He challenged Al to taste the coke products around the world and if he drank the one that tasted like hairspray, Brandon agreed he'd pay for the tasting.

Most of them weren't bad at all, until Mr. Hairspray showed up.

But he finished it! (With a little help!)

4. Then we moseyed on over to the M&M store. Trying to get the guys to pose for a picture was like pulling teeth! That's why I am so grateful for Cris who posed whenever I demanded it of her. (never mind my death threats)

And of course we had to buy bags of M&Ms from the M&M wall!! My favorite?

Peanut Butter!

I fell in love and totally felt up Mr. Red M&M guy. You see that look on Albert's face? Total jealousy. I pretty much had to separate the two from fighting over me. Geez I hate it when two guys fight over me, talk about embarrassing!

5. After we walked out of the M&M store into the 102 degree Las Vegas weather, Alex realized he didn't have his sunglasses. And of course these aren't just any sunglasses, they are his Versace sunglasses.

When it comes to fashion I think Alex was meant to be a girl and I the boy. I hate shopping and try to find the cheapest crap I can get while Al buys all the name brand nicest shit he can. (Ok, in most instances it's because they are the only clothes that fit him, but still!) The sunglasses I was wearing cost me 10 bucks so I bet his Versace glasses had to be like 15 or 20 bucks at least! :o)

(If you can't tell, Al and I are both trying to grab some booby in the above pic)

So after he said something like "bleeper bleepin sunglasses bleep bleep bleeper!" He had basically given up on ever finding the damn, oops, I mean bleepin sunglasses again. But you know what we did? We walked and walked and walked in the 102 degree weather back to Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. Let's just say we all didn't feel guilty about eating our M&Ms after that.

When we finally made it into the shops we were all drenched in sweat and about 30 pounds lighter, except for cute Sharon, I think she would disappear if she lost 30 pounds! So we went to check the store where Al bought his pants which was like 10 miles away on the other side of the shops.

Those shop hallways remind me of intestines, they are all cramped in there like a little maze and if you could stretch them out they would go on forever! Do you feel sorry for us yet?

So after walking for what it seemed like 5 hours, we reached the shop. Did we find some sunglasses there?


Were they Albert's sunglasses?


Luckily, as an after thought, we checked the little drink stand where Al bought a drink after he bought his pants and guess what? They had his sunglasses.

And all is well with the world once again! See Al? Don't just give up on a $200 pair of sunglasses are you kidding me? You fight for those suckers!

Lesson learned.

But I don't think our feet have quite recovered.