Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Liam

Liam is the happiest baby ever.

Seriously, he'll laugh at anything ...

Even my dad's awful "Dad Jokes".

And that my friends, is the ultimate sign of happiness!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Matter What . . .

The Beer Fest in Idaho was exactly how I imagined it.  A bunch of unattractive people stumbling around with only one goal in mind: 

Drink As Much Beer As You Possibly Can.
No Matter What!

No matter if you can no longer see, let alone walk straight.

No matter if you've puked up all the beer and pretzels you've eaten. That just gives you room for more beer.

No matter if the port-a-potty has become your permanent residence.

No matter if you've lost your beer cup, I'm sure there are plenty in the trash can you can dig out.

No matter if you have already passed out on the grass, someone should be making sure your cup is full.

No matter if you are so drunk that you start posing in other people's photographs.

(We still have no idea who that bald dude is in the back)

No matter if you feel like you must hold onto the grass in order not to fall off the earth.

No matter if every person you see has an exact twin.

(Ok, check out how creepy Lin's zombie hand is. Her hand looks dead!)

No matter if you can't win an argument you've been having with that tent pole all day.

No matter if the beer cup keeps missing your mouth.

And especially no matter if you're not as think you drunk I am! 

(From left to right:  Shauna's mom's beer, Shauna's mom, Lin, Shauna's beer, Shauna, Lindee's beer, my beer, and me!)

(Lindee's hand looking a little less zombie-ish)

But seriously.  Good effin times yo!  People are insane when there is all-you-can-drink beer at stake!  At some point during the day, Mike and I were standing under the tent when I felt someone grab my butt.  As soon as I turn around to see who it was I get a nice hard squeeze to the boob!  I look up and there is this chick standing there smiling and not wasting one other second, she does the same to Mike!

Yeah, we both got groped by the same chick.  Apparently she had made it her goal to grab 300 booties and 600 boobies that day.

Hey, who are we to stand in her way?

After the fest was over, the wait for the bus back to the hotel was taking forever so we stuffed ourselves in a cab with a bunch of other drunks.  And of course Mike just happens to know these people in the cab.  I swear he knows someone EVERYWHERE we go!

(Cab ride back to the hotel)

After everyone had a much needed nap, we headed to dinner.

The weekend turned out great. (Much better than a stupid graduation ceremony!)  It was me & Mike, Lin & Lance, and below is Lin's bro- and sis-in-law:

And for some reason whenever there is drinking involved, I tend to start force feeding those around me.  If you scroll up a bit, you will find a similar picture with me feeding Mike...

 But she loves it.

And we'll definitely be going back next year!