Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sip On This!

So a while back I posted 4 facts about things I have learned from the past, of which included:

1. When you're at dinner with Mike, always check your straw before taking a drink!

Many of you were thinking, what the hell is she talking about? Well, this is what the hell I was talking about:

The ketchup wasn't half as bad as when I got a straw full of salt in my milk!!! I spit it out all over my pancakes, luckily I was done eating and luckily Mike didn't have his flip video cam on hand!


And there's more where that came from, You remember the little Maze joke don't you?


Oh, and to make matters worse, my dad has decided to get in on the action. We go to lunch almost every Friday and a few weeks ago we were at Faustina's where I was telling him all about Mike's straw jokes. He was pretty impressed.

As he should be.

During lunch I got up to go to the bathroom and before I left I said to my dad: "Leave my straw alone!"

Somehow in the time it took me to come back from the bathroom I had totally forgotten what I had said to him just a few minutes earlier. And of course, like an idiot, I grab my straw to take a sip of my drink.

Yeah, he had spread honey all over my straw. The straw that I knew he was going to do something to just a few minutes earlier. The straw that I grabbed anyway without thinking.

I don't know what my dad thought was funnier, me with sticky hands and face or the fact that the honey was so obviously gobbed on the straw that he thought I would notice it for sure.

Come on dad, you know me better than that.

Now, how to get these practical jokers back???

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed

Anyone remember this conversation I had with Al a couple years ago?

You know, the one where I made up a new word:

rel-e-phant [rel-uh-fuh nt]

Bearing upon or connected with the matter at hand in a VERY BIG way.

Well, aparantly my new word has caught on, I came across this shirt the other day and decided it is a must have:

Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal.

Don't act like you're not impressed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy V Day to Me...

Yeah, I'm singing Happy V-Day to myself right now. What?

Aren't they pretty??

They were sent from my cute boyfriend:

Okay, okay, not Gus....this guy:

(At the World Cup Dual Mogle event in PC)

How was your V Day?

Monday, February 7, 2011

My Bestest is Stronger than the Restest

My best friend recently made a trip up to my part of town, which of course is nice for me, however the circumstances in which she came were not so great.

Her 7 year old son has had some health problems and has had surgery in the past.

Brain surgery to be exact. He was 3.

I know, a 3 year old having brain surgery? Heart breaking.

Here's a little 2007 JD had a lot of ear issues so he had been going to the doctor which is how the doctors found something they thought was a brain tumor. After further investigation, they found out that it wasn't a tumor at all, it was actually JDs brain growing out of his skull. His skull hadn't closed all the way during development and his brain grew right through the hole in his skull into his ear which damaged some bone and nerves around his ear and caused other complications.

He had surgery to remove the brain tissue that was growing out of his skull and to repair the hole in his skull. His surgery was successful although the doctor had to remove his eardrum so he will never be able to hear out of that ear. There were complications with his spinal fluid leaking so the doctors had to put in a shunt to drain all the spinal fluid from his head to his stomach.

That was when he was three, he is now 7 and has been doing great! Until about a week ago when he started complaining that his neck was hurting. De tells the story in much more detail here. Basically he had some spinal fluid leaking which they think caused him to get bacterial menangitis!

Which can be deadly.

So he was life flighted up here in Salt Lake to Primary Children's Hospital. He was a bit of a mystery for the doctors for quite some time, they had several specialists trying to figure out exactly what was wrong and what had caused the problem. They determined that he will need to have surgery, the same surgery he had when he was 3.

JD is home now after the menigitas got better but he will be coming back up for surgery next month. I don't know how De does it! She seriously is a stronger person than I, you should really read about JD's experiences on her blog here.

Here is De and I at Primary Children's a couple weeks ago when JD was in the hospital. She has two other children, Jordan & Taylor, who as you can see, are adorable!!!

The following pictures are just hanging out at the hospital while JD was sleeping in his room.

I'm not sure who the dude is in the blue & red spandex, but it is NOT De's husband.

I repeat, NOT De's husband.

Who are these beautiful girls? These are De's sister's kids, Tamarah. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of Tamarah!

Next month, when they come up again for JDs surgery, I will be able to give you an update. This cute family is so strong!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Boyfriend Enjoys Long Walks on the.....Mud?

It was such a lovely day to go to the park.

The sun was shining, the birds were...were not there. But if they were, my boyfriend would have chased them right away.

Or eaten them. He loves birds.

I learned a lot that day at the park. Like how territorial my boyfriend really is. This is not a quality I like in a boyfriend and of course I made it very clear that I was not his territory.

Thank God for that.

As we walked further down the path I realized we had made a major mistake. Yes the sun was shining, but that was the problem.

Sun = heat = melting snow = mud = dirty, dirty boyfriend!

Lots of mud.

We tried to wash off in the stream but that made things even worse. My boyfriend would just splash the ice cold water all over me and run around like...


like something that runs around alot.

I couldn't believe how dirty he managed to get! I refused to let him sit in the front seat of my car, if he was going to act like a child, I would treat him like a child.

That day I also learned that my boyfriend has some dependency problems. I mean, I can't be there for him every day to wash his hair after a walk in the muddy park. You'd think he's capable of doing that on his own but apparently he had never done it before.


I put an end to that right away. No man of mine is going to walk around like a smelly homeless person! I may sound controlling in this relationship but it's necessary, and it works for us.

Like every relationship we've got some issues to work through. Like why he won't bring me a glass of wine in the evenings? I ask nicely for god's sake! And why does he insist I rub his stomach every hour of every day? Don't I deserve a massage too?

I think he just wants to show off his six pack.


But for some reason, no matter

how dirty,

how territorial,

& how dependent he is,

there's something in that look he gives me that keeps me coming back.