Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Chance Peeps!!!

After another surgery, JD is finally back home. The doctors "think" that they fixed the problem that was causing JD to get bacterial meningitis over and over again. I hope they are right!!

De and her family are SOOOO happy to finally be home. They have basically lived in the hospital for the majority of 2011. I'm sure it gets old fast. No child should have to spend that much time in the hospital.

I just wanted everyone to know they only have 3 more days to donate to JD's Recovery fund. I'd like to see the total of the fund reach $1,000 by Tuesday and with your help I know we can do it!!

DeAnna has told me many times how grateful she is for all your support! Thank you so much for everyone who has joined the facebook cause, it has truly made this little family's days brighter!

Remember the $50 Target gift card giveaway ends on May 31st as well so come enter. You don't have to donate to enter, just come and leave a comment HERE:

To make a donation to JD's recovery fund, go here:

Love you guys!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Heart Toronto

I'm baaaaack! And am ready to move to Toronto.

Why Toronto is effing awesome:


There is this amazing underground walkway called THE PATH. It connects everything, it was raining the whole time and I was able to go from my hotel to the office without actually stepping foot outside.

I will not admit how many times I got lost.

Given that it looked like this the whole time I was there, my hair looooooved THE PATH.


Equivalent to our Dunkin' Donuts. And when I say "our" I mean the United States, not Utah. Dunkin Donuts does not exist in Utah.

Effing Utah.

Mmmmmmm...FYI, don't try to ask for doughnut holes, you will be given a blank stare instead of those delicious morsels.

They are called Timbits.

Timbits Pooba, timbits!!!


We went to some amazing restaurants and they all offered these fresh squeezed juice concoctions, this one was passion fruit somethin somethin lemonade somethin. It was the prettiest drink I've ever drank!



Nuff said.


In the most pretentious restaurants.


Best candy ever.



Other interesting differences between the states and Toronto:

We eat canadian bacon, they eat back bacon

We have dinner, they have supper

American's have one dollar and two dollars, Canadians have a looney and a tooney

I would say you're in fifth grade, they would say you're in grade five.

Our check is their cheque.

I would say it's 40 degrees, they would say it's some other number converted into celsius. I don't speak celsius.

Chances are you will run into an area where they are filming a major motion picture. Of which I did, which movie it was I have no idea.

I would say, my friend lives 40 miles away, they would say, my friend lives some other number converted into kilometers away. I don't speak kilometers either.

I would say, I weigh 545 pounds, they would say, I weigh some other number converted into kilograms. Yeah, I don't speak that either.

I would say his neck looks like a vagina huh? They would say, His neck looks like a vagina eh?

Plus they are constantly saying "right?" in between their sentences. At first I started answering them, "right" I would confirm. However they would just cut me off and go on with what they were saying. After this happening over 5 thousand times, I finally figured out that they weren't really looking for a confirmation from me.



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Monday, May 16, 2011

So Soorry I'll Be Oot and Aboot This Week...

...And oddly enough I have this overwhelming craving for maple syrup.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Moms Can Always Make It Better

De has another update on JD HERE.

Here are some pics from my last visit:

De is constantly rubbing his forhead, it's the only thing that makes him feel better.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway in honor of JD!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've Decided to Boycott Meningitis. Who's With Me?

So JD definitely has bacterial meningitis and he is coming up to Primary Children's Hospital so the doctors can check his shunt to see if it is leaking or infected. They need to find out why he is getting sick every 2 weeks. After the surgery, everything looked fine but here we are again, he's back in the hospital and is as miserable as ever.

He had a fever all night last night of 104 that they couldn't get down until this morning. They try to let him sleep most of the time because he is in too much pain when he is awake.

He was able to take a couple sips of chocolate milk and a few bites of a saltine cracker today. They will be putting in a pic line later this afternoon so he won't be able to eat until after that but he doesn't want to eat.

Of course I'm not happy that he is in the hospital again but I am glad that they are coming up to my area of the town so I get to see their sweet faces!

I just got off the phone with De and she seems to be in good spirits, I mean this whole year they have been in the hospital so she's not excited to be back in the hospital but does not want to leave until the doctors can figure out why he is getting sick constantly.

I would be so frustrated!

I am extending the Giveaway in honor of JD so you still have time to enter! Who knows how long they will be in the hospital this time! DeAnna has expressed her gratitude to me of all of your support in donating and joining JD's cause on Facebook. She is amazed at all the love you have shown her so thank you everyone for your support! It truly helps!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


JD is in the ER right now, the doctors said he has menangitis.


This is the 4th time.

De says his head has been hurting and when that isn't hurting his side by his kidneys are hurting. He has been so sad lately and misses De when she's gone for just a second. He is hardly eating and he is still so skinny!

I know if I were him I'd definitely be depressed! I will keep you updated as I hear from De throughout the day.

Please remember you can donate to JD's Recovery fund by clicking below.

As you can imagine, DeAnna and her family are constantly worrying and stressed about JD and his health I hope by donating just a little bit, we can lift a little of the financial stress that comes along with it.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you have no idea how much you are helping this family!!

And please, whether you donate or not, you can show your support by entering the giveaway here.

You can also join JD's Recovery Cause on Facebook.

Lets get this kid smiling again!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

STDs Are Contagious. Practice Safe Facebook!

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So the other night, Mike and I accompanied Lin and Lance to some cowboy bar to celebrate some chick's birthday. I have no idea who's birthday it was and I'm pretty sure Lindee didn't either, I think she just wanted free cake.


What? Oh yeah, the cowboy bar. So when we were taking a break from the bull riding, Lindee started passing her phone around to show everyone some pictures that she had taken and eventually the phone was passed to Mike and I.

Little did Lindee know the danger in letting her phone leave her possession, especially with Mike around!

Mike, Mr. Practical Joker, took it upon himself to update Lin's facebook status:

"Ass warts again?! Really!!!???"

Oh yeah, that just happened. She immediately started getting comments on her status, it was hilarious. She didn't notice it until a couple hours later when she noticed she was getting a lot of facebook notifications.

Bahahaha! I'm still laughing...

And of course since it was on her phone, she wasn't able to delete the status update.

Bahahaha! I'm still laughing...

Fast forward a week to when my family all got together to celebrate Lindee's birthday. Mike and I put together a special present for our dear ass wart ridden Lindee.

First was 40 bucks for ass wart use only, as you can see by the picture, the money is specifically designated to be used for her ass wart problem:

And, because Mike and I care about her well being, we got her some ass wart ointment to get her started on her recovery.

Yeah, it was pretty much her favorite birthday present ever.

(But wait, that's not the end of the facebook drama....stay tuned)