Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stick a Pin in that Shit!

This past weekend was a blast!  But before I get to the fun part of my weekend, here's a bit of the boring part....

My graduation pinning ceremony. 

What's a pinning ceremony you ask?  I have no idea but I went.   

And I got pinned. 

With this.


What is this pin for you ask? I have no idea, but I think that wearing the pin actually makes you stupider (See?  I don't even use real words now!).

Mike decided to actually pin the stupid thing on me and ever since, my brain has the dumb. Or maybe it was just because I was sitting next to Lindee.

Her blondness could have somehow floated out her ear and settled into my brain.  I'm better now, but didn't want to take any chances so I gave my pin to Mr. Moose the Miner here. 

He's an accountant too.  Obviously.

Anyway.....oh yes, this pinning ceremony.... 

I graduated in December but of course they only have one ceremony a year for all graduates which is why I am just now getting pinned.  I have to say, a graduation pinning ceremony is ten times better than a regular cap and gown graduation ceremony.  Pretty sure they don't serve wine during the comencement!

Which you think would be the reason why I skipped out on going to my cap and gown ceremony the next day but no, I had more important things to do. 

Yes, a much more significant event required my attendance ...




... More to come ...