Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So I Paid Someone To Cut My Face & Put Ink Into It!

Didn't hurt at all!  Microblading?  Totally worth it!

I love how my eyebrows turned out. The day of the treatment, my eyebrow girl took a before & after pic:

(In the before pic, my eybrows are actually dyed brown, normally they are blonde.)

I really don't know why I didn't do this sooner!  A lot of people have been asking me about it so lemme tell you what I know!

I'm your guinea pig.

The Process

💜  The whole appointment took about 2 hours
💜  The majority of that 2 hours was my brow girl drawing the eyebrows on my face and getting the shape that I wanted.  Which is awesome so you can see what your brows will look like afterwards and you have full control to make sure you get the shape YOU want.
💜  Then we decided on the color of the brows which mine were a mixture of medium blonde & dark blonde.  When she had the ink mixed, she put it on my forehead to make sure it's the color I wanted.
💜  Then she numbed me up!  She put numbing cream on my brows and let it penetrate 20 minutes.  To make sure it was just the surface that was numb, she plucked some eyebrows so that the cream went into my pores.
💜  Then I laid down and the cutting/tattooing began!  This only took about 45 minutes.
💜  The process is using a tiny blade, she cut little strokes/lines into my existing eyebrows and then filled the cuts with ink.  It seriously did not hurt because of the numbing cream! 
💜  She asked if I wanted her to fill in around the cuts so that it always looked like I had eyebrow liner and of course I said yes!  So that's when she went in with a needle, like a tattoo, and filled in my brows.
I love the result!

The After Care

💜  For the first day, every hour, I had to gently wipe my brows with a cotton pad dipped in distilled water.  Then dab a thin layer of Bepanthen Cream.  
💜  For Days 2-10, I just apply the Bepanthen Cream 4-5 times daily.  
💜  Brows should not get wet after the first day!  That's right, you just lean your head back in the shower and only wash your forehead with a wash cloth so your brows stay dry!
💜  For 14 days after the procedure:  
      💙  You should not sweat.  (Great excuse not to workout right?)
      💙  Don't apply any ointment except for the cream (which was   
            given to me)
      💙  Don't scrub, rub or pick at your brows
      💙  Stay out of the sun.
      💙  Try not to sleep on your face!

The Healing

💜  Immediately after the treatment, the color will appear darker than it will eventually be.  This is because it takes the pigment about seven days to enter the deeper layers of the skin.
💜  After 7-10 days, your brows begin to exfoliate, during this time your brows will look as if the color has completely gone away, which is normal!
💜  Around week 4, the top layer of the skin peels off, leaving a natural lighter color on your brows.

So I am currently on day 8 of the healing process, here is a pic of what they look like today.  You can see they are in the exfoliation stage right?  I'll check back in on day 14 to see what the finished product looks like!


Suzi said...

That is pretty cool.

Rebecca Jo said...

I never knew such a process even existed.
Eye brows are totally the THING now, aren't they? They look great though!