Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Jesus Christ Amen

Okay this kid is fricken hilarious. He has decided to become a kitty. Not just any kitty, but a kitty super model.

Yeah, this kids goin far. You should see him on the cat walk! (Bad joke? Whatever, you laughed.)

Why Logan (My neph) makes me laugh:

1. My mom "(Logan's Grandma) taught him how to say a prayer. A Mormon prayer usually ends in "I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen", however Logan misinterpreted this and now every time he prays, he ends with:

"Baby Jesus Christ Amen"

How darling is that? Yeah, my mom says there is no way she is going to correct him, it's just too cute!

2. One night Logan asked Lindee (his mom) if he could watch Sponge Bob and Lindee said no because it was bedtime. His reply:

"I can't watch Sponge Bob?! My life is falling apart!"

3. Lindee was teaching Logan that water was really good for him and that it made his skin nice and strong.

He then said "Oh, so my blood doesn't come out?"

Lindee laughed and replied "sure".

Later a friend asked Logan if he wanted a coke and he replied:

"No thanks, that will make me bleed."

4. Lindee asked Logan if he wanted some milk and of course he said no because he didn't want his blood to come out. Lindee then replied that milk makes your bones nice and strong.

Logan replied: "Oh, so my bones won't break and I won't need an x-ray?"

She's still working on the whole bleeding thing...

5. The following dialogue between Lindee and Logan:

Lindee: We sure have a lot of candy!

Logan: Candy! Really?! That sure gets my heart fixed!

And I say these things Baby Jesus Christ Amen.


Kristina P. said...

He is so cute! This makes me miss my nephews.

Brian Miller said...

haha he is adorable...i love hanging out with kids...

The Green Family said...

Love it! Reminds me of my little Jayden...oh the things he says to me. Cutest kitty I've ever seen!

Shell said...

He is a riot!

Mommy in Real Life said...

It's the cuteness factor that enables children to reach adulthood without their parents killing them. I see a long future for Logan.

It's like Zoolander and Catwoman had a baby.

Kasey said...

I bet he makes you smile every time you see him! Too funny.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohmygosh! That was frickin' hysterical!!!! LOVE IT!

I can't wait til you have kids and you get to teach/torment/nurture your own kiddos!

We're leaving tomorrow for a three day trip to the Bavarian region of Germany! YAY!

WhisperingWriter said...

He is adorable!

Nana said...

He is a hoot!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Those eyes get me everytime! He is such a love bug :)

Dolly said...

Your nephew is ADORABLE:)

His little prayers remind me of when I was little too. I would say "Baby Jee-Jee" when we talked about Jesus. That's exactly who I thought of too-when we prayed...Baby Jesus.


He is so freaking funny! I wish him and Jo JO could play together!

Synergy Girl said...

All I can think of is Will Farrell in the movie I can't fricken think of at the current moment where he says the prayer in the name of baby Jesus...because that was his favorite stage of Jesus's life...and has an argument during the prayer about it with his wife...HIL-AR-I-OUS!!! Your nephew is a born star!!!! MEOW!!!!

Jason, as himself said...

So cute, so funny.

I misinterpreted my dad's way of beginning a prayer: Instead of saying "Our father who art in heaven," my dad, being from Idaho, used to always say, "Our father HORT in heaven."

For years I wondered what HORT meant.

Once, in my early teen years, I asked him.

He smacked me up side the head.

And...I just realized what my next blog post will be about!