Monday, April 11, 2011

Is It Over Yet? Please Tell Me it's Over Now.

An update on JayDee:

Last time I wrote about JayDee, he had just gotten his appendix removed and was recovering from menengitis. That was one month ago, since then they had rescheduled his surgery for April 1st.

Yeah April Fools Day.

He was doing well up until a few days before surgery, De took him to the ER (again) and he had another spinal tap done. It was clowdy. Yes, he had menangitis!


This is the third time! So they drove straight to Primary Children's Hospital. Luckily he was still able to have his surgery on the 1st.

And it was a success!!

He is now recovering and should be able to go home from the hospital this week! There was no blood transfusion, they didn't have to remove his inner ear and they didn't have to take a peice of his skull as they initially thought they would. Right now he has a lumbar drain and will eventually be getting a shunt, but from what DeAnna says, he is doing great!

This picture was taken a day after his surgery (I think).

Mike and I went to see him a few days after surgery, Mike brought a bag full of goodies for JayDee, it was so sweet! Please pay no attention to that blonde popping a squat on the right, I have no idea what she is doing. Seriously, is she really trying to poop in the corner?

Some people have no class.

It is so hard to see a child in that condition. He just looked so uncomfortable and skinny and helpless, I hate seeing children like that. Especially JD, after knowing everything he's been through.

Here is De and her tough little man!


blueviolet said...

Poor sweet boy! He's been through way too much!

Kristina P. said...

He looks like a fighter!

Suzi said...

What a strong little man!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awwww! Poor little guy! I'm glad his surgery was a success - keeping him and his family in my thoughts and prayers! ((HUGZ!))

Julia said...

Those pictures made my heart drop. Hope he gets better really quickly.

Red Stethoscope said...

What a trooper! I hope he feels better soon.

Mandy said...

Hope he gets better quickly. Praying for you guys.

Rebecca Jo said...

oh my... that poor child. Kids are so resilent though! I'm sure he enjoyed seeing faces to come visit him.

And kudos for your new man bringing a bag of goodies!!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Poor little guy! I hope this is the end of him getting sick and needing more surgeries.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What an amazing fighter he is!!

Pooping you crack me up!


Ummm so just now reading your blog! You are the bestest. Love ya! JD loves the goodies from you both!