Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"The One"

My baby sis has had some absolutely brilliant ideas for her wedding. You only get married once *wink*wink* so she should have her way right? Here are just two examples of this bride's ideas:

1. "Lets have the wedding and reception at Classic Skating! We can rent out the whole place and everyone can wear roller skates and play games!"


2. "I want to make my wedding dress entirely out of coffee filters!"


Thank God I was put on this earth to be her wedding planner and have vetoed every single one of her brilliant ideas.

She would be lost with out me...

So I grabbed her long fricken ponytail and dragged her wedding dress shopping. Something every bride has been dying to do since the day she played Barbie-marries-Ken-and-has-naked-baby-making-time-in-the-bedroom. Right?

I was determined to beat this anti-bride attitude out of her for good. She was loving it...

That dress above was my mom's favorite. I wasn't a fan of the whole side-swiping-into-the-flower-on-her-hip look.

This one would be beautiful if I could rip off that awkward looking fabric gathered under her boobs.

I was giddy when she started trying on the mermaid style wedding dresses. She has the perfect body for it: tall, skinny & curvy.

Is that a smile I see? My plan was working, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, she was getting more excited with each dress.

I wish these pictures could do her justice, but the only camera I had was my cell phone which has a tendency to turn anything gorgeous into some dark looking creature so the fact that she doesn't look like a gremlin in these photos goes to show how amazing she looked in real life!

Now this next one was her favorite from the first store we went to.

Again, the pictures do not do her justice, she looked gorgeous!

Now I about died when she tried this next one on and said she thought it was "The One".

I distinctly remember trying to swallow the lunch that I had just regurgitated in my mouth before trying to speak. I'm sorry, but this just looked cheap. Or maybe it's the whole side swipe look I didn't like.

No, it's because it looked cheap. There was no way in hell I was letting her walk out with that one.

No way.

Now this next one was MY favorite. I still can't get over the back of the dress, I wanted to die. Or rip it off her body and wear it out the door...

Isn't that gorgeous??

I'm sure you all want to know which dress she picked right? Well, it was none of the above and sadly I don't have a picture of her actually wearing the dress she picked, but I can tell you she chose the perfect dress! And by the way she was holding back her tears when she saw herself in the mirror, you could tell she had no doubt she had found

"The One"

So what's your favorite?


Rebecca Jo said...

Hey... I'd totally do the roller skating thing :)

I love the tight dresses on her...

I also like the one that was her fav from the first store... the ones with the bunching at the bottom.

But she looks miserable in all of them... tell her that look is for the years after marriage!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I like her favorite and your favorite, and I would have been bawling the entire time. This is SO exciting. I'm glad she ended up finding one and that she loves it so much!

Pricilla said...

I remember when I went shopping with my sister in law to be. She so wanted this pinkish Cinderella dress that was wrong in so many ways and I showed her another one.....it's good to be right.

Ah-hem. Shameless plug time. If you need favors Pricilla's little soaps are just perfect and my jewelry...well check it out! http://brokenteepeedesigns.com

A goat's gotta do what a goat's gotta do.

Brian Miller said...

ooo i like her fav the best...

though i really dont understand the problem with the coffee filter dress, that would be amazing...and smell good...wait i guess you would not use used ones eh?

Stacy Uncorked said...


I think a roller skating wedding would have been ridiculously fun(ny). ;)

I love both your favorite and hers - how's that for being politically correct? :)

otin said...

Now I saw one smile in that whole thing. I think she was mad at her wedding planner. lol

Stacies Madness said...

i can't see any of the pictures. boo.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I love the one with the lace overlay look above and then the one with that gorgeous back was stunning!

I agree with you on that one above remind me kind of a prom dress :)