Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Is No Longer In The Air

We are suffocating in Utah. The air quality in Northern Utah was the WORST in the Nation yesterday. We are breathing in shit soup people.


Never thought I'd say this, but we need a really good storm. Breathing keeps you alive so I guess I'd like to keep doing it.

Even angel Moroni can't breath, let alone blow his horn.

Hold on while I put on my oxygen mask, I'd like to finish this post before I keel over.


So it's January 11th and I haven't even finished posting about Christmas. So you'll just have to shut up and deal with it.

Christmas morning back at my mom's house...

I just love baby's faces right after they wake up!

30-year-old faces however, not so much. This is typical of my brother on EVERY Christmas morning.

We just throw his presents on top of him.

I guess my whole family doesn't do well with mornings. Case in point.

Surprisingly Lindee was quite awake even though she had to wake up extra early to have Christmas a 6 AM with her mom-in-law. Yeah, 6 AM! Here she is showing off her new apron.

(Sorry kids, she hasn't yet figured out how to wear a black bra with a black shirt)

Other highlights:

Baby dimples.

Alyse and her new Nikon.

Logan and his new camera.

Calendars, homemade by Lindee.

My dad's cute face.

Now, the BEST part of the morning...Justine, I KNOW your family can appreciate this.

Picking my dad's never ending blackhead.

Even Logan got in on the action. Seriously, we love when it's blackhead popping time. My dad has had this blackhead in the middle of his back for years now and it is the deepest thing I have ever seen. We can stick a needle all the way down in it and he can't feel a thing.

It's a family event when we get to whip out the blackhead, it's so exciting & disgusting to see how much crap we can get out of it. We are sick, twisted people my family.

But we're okay with that.

I can't believe I'm doing this, but yes, I really am posting a picture of my dad's blackhead on the internet for the whole world to enjoy. At least this is in its early stage where barely anything has surfaced.

You're welcome dad!

So after we spent Christmas morning with my fam, we visited the much more normal side of our family, Al's side.

We arrived to find our stockings filled with all sorts of goodies.

(I was taking a picture of the stockings, not Al's butt, that was just an extra bonus.)

Oh my sweet little Albert was so excited to see that Santa left him a bottle of Highland Park. This is what Christmas is all about, to see the childrens' bright happy faces!

Now, if anyone has forgotten, our Christmas present from Al's parents was the best present ever, Hawaii! Hard to top that one.

The best part of our Christmas at the in-law's was watching the kids open their presents. Ava was adorable. Each time she opened a gift she made sure that someone took a picture of it. Each and every gift.

She was more into the unwrapping part, then the presents themselves. She'd open one and quickly dive into the next one.

See? I wasn't kidding. She opened all of my presents for me.

Colin and Jaxon made a haul!

Here's Clay sipping the yummy Sangria Cris made. I wish I had a picture of all the food too. The plan was to just have a few appetizers, but I've learned by now that Cris's "few" is most peoples "ton". So we had tons of food!

The plan was that each daughter in law was to bring an appetizer that we learned in the cooking classes we all have been taking from Marguerite; however one of us totally blew it. What a loser, what kind of inconsiderate idiot would show up to Christmas without her assigned appetizer?


Oops. I was planning on making this amazing Tiramisu that we learned in one of our cooking classes but for some reason I didn't realize that ALL grocery stores are closed on Christmas day. Who knew?

I felt so bad, I called Cris and told her what an idiot I was and of course she said she had plenty of food so not to worry about it. I then offered to bring champagne but of course she had that too so I showed up empty handed.

I totally suck. Sorry Cris. And everybody. I owe you all Tiramisu.

So Terry, Al's dad, was on call Christmas day so he wasn't able to show up until later (he's a vet) and as I was trying to get a picture of him helping Colin, Ava jumps up and yells "Take a picture of me!"

So of course I did. She's such a cheesball!

And I'd have to say the highlight of Christmas at the in-laws was watching Brandon try to get one of Ava's babies out of its package.

He thought he had it done until he turned the doll over to find a wire sticking out of its butt.

And I'm sure you can guess the jokes that were made at that poor doll's (and Brandon's) expense.

So there you go, that's the last you'll hear from me about Christmas I promise!

Well, until next year at least.

Peace out.


Kristina P. said...

I probably could have done without the whole blackhead thing. Maybe.

Rebecca Jo said...

I still think your dad is hot - blackhead back & all!!!

What time do you all do Christmas? Everyone is so sleepy eyed!

Am in love with your sisters apron. I'd totally just put on some thong underwear & wear it as a skirt... a surprise in the rear end when you walk by! :)

Brian Miller said...

nice. love to see kids faces on magical.

Pricilla said...

The blackhead thing made me throw up a little...ick.

The kids though were too cute for words!!!

Kasey Hunt said...

Nice pictures. Glad you had such a good time with your families. I think you look pretty good for morning Christmas.

Hernandez Family said...

I would totally fit in with your family! I love popping blackheads!

Frau said...

Great Christmas pictures with the Family....sounds like a wonderful time was had. i could not believe the air in Utah when we were there, had a few sunny days but man the inversion was horrible. Happy New Year!

Justine said...

Okay, too many fun pictures to comment on! Where to begin? The ZIT! Has your dad seen a dermatologist? That might need to be sucked out like surgically or something. If he does, please go along and take pics of it.

The second I saw the picture of Lindee I thought, "Why are her boobs so shiny?" Thank you for clarifying so I didn't have to ask.

Now why did all of you have makeup on so early in the damn morning?

Oh yeah, and your brother is hot.

Justine :o )

The Green Family said...

Ok ~ so I LOVE the blackhead picture. Maybe we should start a club ZPA (zit pickers annyomous!)

Tell Lindee I have a picture of a dance from NHS, my dress is BRIGHT RED and I'm wearing a WHITE BRA! My mom calls it the madonna dress. Ü

You've just inspired me to post about it!

The Green Family said...

Ok ~ so I LOVE the blackhead picture. Maybe we should start a club ZPA (zit pickers annyomous!)

Tell Lindee I have a picture of a dance from NHS, my dress is BRIGHT RED and I'm wearing a WHITE BRA! My mom calls it the madonna dress. Ü

You've just inspired me to post about it!

glitterbygrammie said...

The blackhhead thing is like my kids. theya re really bad about it and like to verbalize also.Totally grosses me out. But hey they are my kids what can I say.

Jen said...

what a great Christmas

and I don't know whether to laugh or be grossed out by that black head. I am leaning more towards grossed out.

Aleta said...

Utah... has THAT kind of smog? You're kidding, right? I always thought of Utah as.... I don't know.. nature, not all that big city LA looking stuff. Wow.

Loved the Christmas pictures. I have to laugh about the blackheads. Though, yeah, seeing it in a picture, kind of... ehhhhh.... disturbing. But I had to laugh!

Heather@WHMB said...

Loved all the pics - looked like such a great holiday. Even the blackhead story, I can totally apppreciate that. I am sick like that too - but rarely ever admit it. So there ya go...

The Rambler said...

I won't even begin to tell you the story of my husband's back blackhead turned big pus blood spurting around the bathroom and me gagging into the toilet cause of it. Nope I won't do it.

Hawaii has been having some of it's own nasty VOG. I feel like it's been LA. But I'm sure it will clear up by the time you come. :) I put a call in.


blueviolet said...

Nobody celebrates like you do! But that blackhead Don't ever show me that again.

Suzi said...

Ah, good times! White bras with black shirts, blackhead removal, urinating near the stockings....oh I mean digging into stockings, and lots of food. Thanks for sharing.

Jason, as himself said...

Yuck! I do not miss that Utah winter inversion crap! I loved the line about the Angel Moroni.

And then I was all...wait! MORE Christmas pics? Then I realized it was the other side of the family. (It was the Sangria that clued me in).

Frogs in my formula said...

Mmm, blackheads and black shirts. You guys are seriously funny.

Lee said...

My sister had a blackhead like that on her back once.
The thing was like 5 inches long when I was done.
It just kept coming nonstop.
It was disgusting.

I wish I could do it again.

(lol, my word verification was "nonstop".)

St. Jeor Family said...

This air does suck!!!

That Gal Kiki said...

I love how you weaved in the ole blackhead right between those beautiful photos of your BEAUTIFUL family. It's like getting a massage - and farting.


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You crack me up with your Blackhead Papa! ;)

Remember I'm infiltrating your family next year, Sis - but I'll decline from the blackhead popping, m'kay? ;)

Loved all the pictures - your family (and extended family) are not only gorgeous, but look like lots of fun! :)

ChicagoLady said...

I think all of us were staring at Lindee and her "shiny" boobs, lol.

It's so nice to see kids enjoying Christmas, really makes it worth all the effort as an adult.

Please tell Brandon I'm totally jealous of his Miles Austin jersey! Go Cowboys!

KK said...

Looks like a great Christmas. Although I may have nightmares about your dad's back. ewww

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas!! The blackhead thing is a little wierd...but I do that to my fiance sometimes too!


Ahh I miss the fam.
I remember running up that stupid hill. It was killer. I remember watching you perform with the Cardinelles and wishing I had an oz of your talent. You are amazing! When are ya gonna come here and breathe a lil fresh air?

Stesha said...

Your family had such a lovely Christmas!

Your dad is so HOT! I mean really HOT!

Hugs and Mocha,

Anna Lefler said...

Hey - awesome pictures! Happy (late) Christmas and good luck with the air there. (I never heard of bad air in Utah. Really??)

Thanks for the thumbs-up, BTW - much appreciated!!!

Happy New Year!

:-D Anna

Aunt of 14 said...

You just take the best pictures, ever!!!! Beautiful family and I'm so glad you all had a good time!

Marissa said...

So my husband gets blackheads like your dad's too...where, after squeezing for what seems like an eternity, it's STILL there! Although his don't compare to your dad's gigantore one, I can still understand the freekishly weird element to them. And yeah, can't believe you posted a pic of it ;o)

Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Pooba has a blog and a camera and she's not afraid to use them! LOL! Nobody is safe around you, eh? I need to make sure if I ever get a chance to meet you to comb my hair! You and your family had a fun Christmas. And geez! I thought Atlanta was bad with the air quality! Wow! Happy New Year, girl!

otin said...

I might as well just come to your house for Christmas next year! I feel like I know your family better than my own! I have never seen my own Dad's blackheads! LOL!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL I was so thinking did she bake and get some flour on her boobs .. LOL

Love all the pictures and that you even took a picture of the blackhead. We so do the same thing to my dad, what didn't we have this zit conversation not to long ago .. :)

Hey at least you're hair was done and you had a cute outfit on :)

Jeanne said...


Just a quick comment because I'm commenting in the middle of the night when I should be asleep.

It's divided into 2 parts: sad note and happy note...

Sad note:

Those pictures of air pollution in front of those beautiful mountains makes me so, so sad. I have multiple chemical sensitivity and I probably shouldn't step foot in Utah anytime soon. (Not that I can. Travel is challenging for me with my illnesses. But you get the idea). My aunt lives in Utah and I'd love to visit her someday. I'm not sure how far she lives from that air pollution.

Happy note:

Ava is absolutely adorable. Every time I see a picture of her on your blog, I think "awwwwww" in my head. What a sweetie-pie!

OK. Good night. Or good morning by the time you read this.


P.S. Be sure to read my email. :)

Nana said...

Black heads, and wire coming out of a baby dolls butt. Hmmm. Sounds like Christmas to me!

I love love love popping zits, black heads, boils. BRING IT ON!!

I will have to tell you my brothers neck boil story,and the best part, it all happened at a family party!!!!!!

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

You guys are amazing. You remember to take all these great pictures (well, except for the blackhead ones - ew). Me, Christmas pictures. Not a one. Didn't even occur to me until about a week ago. I just never think about it. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Orr's said...

Can you request to watch Ava and pass her off to me, she looks so funny and cute i want to squeeze her.

LadyStyx said...

If not black, at least spring for a beige so it blends in with the skin tone ;)

Blog Buddy said...

Man-I have so much to catch up on here! Love the presents, cute kidlets, the gorgeous house and the personal news of zit popping:) I call this holiday story a HUGE success:) Right on!

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