Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Can All Sleep Tonight

I thought I might as well post the movies/tv shows that my favorite quotes were from because I know you were all DYING to know.

And because I don't want you to die, here they are:

  • I do what I want

  • *Flight of the Conchords

  • I'm ready for school!

  • *Full House

  • It sucks to be me right now

  • *Nacho Libre

  • Big gulps huh? Well, see ya later

  • *Dumb and Dumber

  • Did we just become best friends?

  • *Step Brothers

  • Do you not realize I have had diarrhea since Easters?

  • *Nacho Libre

  • Here's to alcohol: The cause of and answer to all of life's problems

  • *Homer Simpson

  • It's a satchel

  • *The Hangover

  • Heck yes I did!

  • *Napoleon Dynamite

  • It's funny cause it's true

  • *Will and Grace

  • One-man wolf pack

  • *The Hangover

  • People, please. We're all frightened and horny, but we can't let some killer dolphins keep us from living and scoring!

  • *The Simpsons

  • What does that even mean?

  • *Saturday Night Live-Will Ferrel

  • I. drink. your. milkshake!

  • *There Will be Blood

  • I love lamp

  • *Anchor Man

  • What the what?
    *30 Rock-Liz Lemon

  • It's business time

  • *Flight of the Conchords

  • You can't tell me what kind of pizza to like!

  • *30 Rock

  • Please don't mistake my anal retentiveness for actual affection

  • *Desperate Housewives - Bree Van de Kamp

  • I want to go to there

  • *30 Rock - Liz Lemon

  • I'm Kind of a big deal

  • *Anchor Man

  • I'm like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!

  • *The Other Guys

  • Stella!

  • *Seingfeild - Elaine

  • That just happened

  • *Step Brothers

  • This is good toast

  • *Nacho Libre

  • Trees? Everywhere trees?

  • *It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

  • You're so beautiful you could be a part-time model, but you'd probably have to keep your normal job

  • *Flight of the Conchords

  • Did you tell him they were the lord's chips?

  • *Nacho Libre


Tiffany said...

I am embarrassed and ashamed of how many of those I got wrong.

However, Stepbrothers and The Other Guys - best movies ever!! Will Ferrel rocks!!

blueviolet said...

I only knew a handful, and that must have taken you all day to embed all those clips!

I'll email you when that event takes place. It might not be when I said. My schedule is a little jumbled, and I sincerely hope you know what I'm talking about. lol

Sue said...

clearly we have the same sense of humour. we must drink together some time...

Karin Katherine said...

Okay, you had me at "It's business time" Oh my gosh!

yulz said...


thank you so much for the answers makes me wanna see all those movie again since I have plenty of spare time right now

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh I just fell out of my seat laughing!