Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Am I Related To You?"

Dunn Family Reunion of The Killer Summer 08

We road our Harley to Park City to participate in a make-shift family reunion on the Dunn side of the family. I don't remember the last time the Dunn family were all together in the same place at the same time! Most of my Dunn relatives are from Idaho so we don't see each other often, although most of them live in Utah but I have no idea where.

This little get together was to celebrate my Grandma Geane's birthday which was actually back in March but apparently not everyone remembered her birthday which in return possessed her to send this notorious letter to all guilty parties (me included):

As you can see from the card, my grandma is a very sarcastic person and needless to say she received a lot of attention from the letters which was exactly what she was going for. So here we are, some guilty some not, making up for the missed 75 year birthday of Grandma Geane.

Here is Grandma Geane and her much older husband, Dale, blowing out their candles. I guess all of Dale's grand kids call him on his birthday because they weren't there!

I don't think there was one person there that knew everyone else's name so I went around with my camera and asked everyone:

"Am I related to you?"

If the answer was yes, I got their name and took their picture. I am now posting all the pictures and corresponding names and relations in hopes that I will never forget my Dunn relatives again!

My "Cheesy" aunt Kathy (pun intended!) She is my dad's sister and ever since I was born my dad could not for the life of him keep our names straight! I know whenever he has recently talked to Kathy because he will start calling me Kathy instead of Kelly. He is so funny, I tease him all the time about it!

From right to left (ignoring my sister Lindee who ran into the picture at the last minute!) Kathy's husband Dan, Aunt Kathy, Kathy's son Heath and his Heath's girlfriend (I didn't get her name because she answered "No" to the "Am I related to you?" question.

My cousin Brooke, Kathy's daughter. And yes, my sister Lindee...again, but isn't she cute?!?!

Okay...right to's just easier that way...My uncle Kim, my dad's older brother, the next guy is Britney's boyfriend and after him is Britney herself who is Kim's youngest daughter. Next to her is Travis, no Trevor (I think) Kim's youngest son.

There is one other cousin named Judd who didn't come to the reunion. He is Kim's middle son and I think he was my favorite out of all of them. When I was younger he used to make me laugh so hard and I always tagged along with him.

When I was living in Cedar City going to SUU I received a phone call from someone asking for Mandy. I explained that they had the wrong number and started flirting with the caller. We talked for a minute or two and I found out he was from Idaho so I told him I had family from Idaho. I proceeded to name off all my cousin's names and the caller was silent for a second before he said "Uh, I'm Judd, who is this?". Yeah, it was my cousin Judd I was flirting with!

Turns out that Grandma Geane had given him my phone number because he was in town and needed a place to stay except she told him the phone number belonged to his cousin Mandy, hello Grandma don't you remember my name? It's Kelly! Anyway, he and a friend ended up going to a concert with my roommates and I and sleeping over at our apartment, can we say awkward?

Hev, do you remember that?

This is my uncle Jared, my dad's youngest brother. I forced him to take his sunglasses off for the picture, I don't think he liked that!

So I think that's enough of the relatives for now...Here are some other pics from that fun day.

I love this picture! My bro Chad and his wife Amy and Amy's daughter Kelsi.

Me and my ever so handsome papa!

My baby sister chillin with her boyfriend.

We love each other sooooo much!

Lindee, shamefully trying to steal the umbrella from the pregnant woman!

Lin's son Logan, so innocent. You wouldn't have guessed that just a few seconds later he started yelling "SHIT" over and over again laughing harder each time he said it. Of course I had nothing to do with that!

Proof that Lance, Lindee's hubby, actually went to the reunion!

Proof that my husband beats me.

This was before I asked Albert what he thought of the reunion...

...and this is after!I think he loved it!


Ben and Ash said...

I never know the people at my family parties either. We all have to wear name tags. I think I know Bens side of the fam better than my own. Um, I know this sounds really bad but, I don't know your husbands name. I think I've only met him once the whole 5 years I've been married to Ben. You keep calling him Albert in your captions, but I'm not sure if that is his nickname, or if that is really his name. It just doesn't sound familiar to me. Anyways, cute post:)

Grand Pooba said...

Ha! You are funny, my husband's real name is Alex. He calls me Pooba and I call him Albert. Very confusing I know!

Heath'e' said...

So why is it that I remember Us going to the concert but I don't remember your cousin staying at our place?? I remember your incest phone call that was AWKWARD. I just remember all the fun we had!!! So your grandma is HILARIOUS! I'm totally doing that on my 30th birthday (2010) Ha ha. WHat fun!!

Ben and Ash said...

I knew his real name couldn't be Albert. I'm pretty sure I would've remembered it if it was. And, your grandmas letter is hillarious. And so are you gay kitties.

Orr's said...

Oh my gosh I learned so much from that blog! Like who judd and trevor are and britney! I called her michelle the entire time. A few things I'd like to correct you on;
1. I was not stealing the umbrella from a pregnant lady, simply honoring her with my presence.
2. My son only said shit when after I slipped and fell and it slipped out, then dear uncle chad and aunt kelly kept laughing at him when he said it and when he finally stopped chad yelled it again.
3. Alex only beats you when you don't do what he asks, like put on your pants so he can leave the party.
4. I forgot alyse and alex came.
5. Yes i am very very cute. that is all.

jsfeatherstone said...

Hey Kell,
It was fun to look at your blog today. I was laughing so hard about your nephew Logan saying "s*#%" over and over.....sorry you know me, I can't even spell out the word! hahahah

jsfeatherstone said...

Oh and your houseboat was AMAZING. A washer and dryer?? Are you serious? We went to Lake Powell this summer too and thought we were living the high life but now I see there is something more we should try!!

Heather Lowe said...

Hey Guys! It was great to hear from you! This blog stuff is a sweet way to keep in touch. It looks like you guys are doing great! I love all the pics! Keep in touch! your cuz, Heather

Ben and Ash said...

What a small world. I remember me and Lacey talked about it once, how you guys grew up in the same neighborhood and went to HS together. I used to work with her at Calendar Systems. She is one of my most favorite people. Her and Lance are awsome. They actually live down in Vegas now, fairly close to Heatha and Petey Boy. (lance is in his 2nd year of med. school. cool huh?)Crazy crazy:)

Marsdinis said...

Looks like fun-I also was laughing about Logan. I didn't know Chad was expecting!(well, I guess HE's not...) I agree with Ashley, I know the Marsden's better than my relatives.