Friday, September 19, 2008

Roughing It

Lake Powell Trip of The Killer Summer 08

Lake Powell was fabulous! No communication with the outside world whatsoever which means I couldn't get any emails, calls, or texts on my phone so I missed all my conference calls at work but hey, there wasn't anything I could do about it!

A week of no work, what's that?

It's fabulous, that's what!

We went with the Silkman side of the family for our first bi-annual trip. This is a shot of the houseboat before we filled it up with all our gear. Yes, the guys were in heaven with the plasma TV. Talk about roughing it!

My favorite activity in Lake Powell is to lay out in the sun and read a book. Okay, and doing crossword puzzles, yes I know I am a nerd, my hubby reminds me everyday! But that's not the only thing we did.

We went wake boarding

Jet Skiin with the Hubby

Cookin Smores

Dressing up with Albert, aka Mr. Pooba

Winning (okay, losing) card games

Oh, and my second favorite, sleeping!

Now check out the cute family I married into!

My beautiful Mom-in-law. She took such good care of us, cooking, cleaning, doing laundary, and making sure we were always having a good time!

My Dad-in-law earned the name of "Anchor Man" because he was always making sure all the boats and wave runners were securely anchored down with his well thought out and complicated set up. I really appreciated him on this trip because a lot of things broke down and he was always right there fixing it so that everyone else did not have to worry and could enjoy the trip.

My adorable movie star niece Ava!

My two nephews Jaxon and Colin. I love these boys, they are so much fun. Our favorite thing to do together is play hide and seek, they could play all day if you'd let them!

My two cute sister-in-laws Rachael and Sharon laughing at a really funny joke I told. Just kidding, they were probably laughing at me! I love those two, they are so easy going and fun to talk to!

This is Clay my Brother-in-law Rachael's hubby playing with little Avers.

This is also Clay, I have no idea how he did that!

On the left is my Brother-in-law Brandon who is Sharon's hubby. This is my favorite picture of all three Silkman boys, they are pretty funny to watch when they all get together, they are so much alike.

My adorable cousin, Erin, whenever we are together we always end up painting our nails, I don't get to see her very often and I can't believe how grown up she is!

My other cousin, Colin and his friend Austin. These two are dare devils and kept us all laughing.

My favorite part about this picture is little Jaxon watching, can you find him?

My Aunt Jill is in the middle in yellow. She is so easy going and always willing to help everyone, I always enjoy talking with her.

And my absolute favorite person in the world, Albert!


Orr's said...

your favorite person besides me... I understand sometimes you forget. So I have a funny video that you should post under vegas but I don't know how to send it to you.

John and Rachael Alexander said...

hey kellie-
found your blog off of lindee's hope you don't mind if I check on you now and then to see what you are up to! your cousin,

Silkman's said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited you started a blog. I loved reading your posts, so keep them coming.

Heath'e' said...

Can we say SPOILED!!! I mean come on washer and dryer on board!! We used to do LP every summer on a nice at the time but now total ghetto house boat, but I loved it. We would always drool at the nice boats like that on our way to ours!!! I'm so jealous, I miss POWELL, I love it there.

Ben and Ash said...

Hey! We are so glad you found us. Now we get to stalk you and the rest of the fam. who's blogs we stole off of your list! So... thanks! Poor babies to have to spend so much time on that dump of a house boat too. My simpathies.

CLUFF CLAN said...

y didnt you tell me about ur blog? or did i miss it? it is cute! bout time you did it! yay!

Annie Harper said...

Are you effin KIDDING me? You have a BLOG???? Since JULY?!?! You send me a link to your sister's, and this is how I find out? We are pretty much fighting right now. I have been telling you to do a blog for SO long, and you had one all along....the nerve Kelly. The nerve.

So uh, pretty excited for tuesday. You?

Grand Pooba said...

Hey, I sent you all an email with my blog link! It's not my fault you don't check your email! And yes, I can't wait for SYTYCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!