Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Killer Summer 08

I'd like to update my blog with all my fabulous and exciting travels and adventures of The Killer Summer 08 so my next couple of posts will be doing just that. I'll try to make them short and sweet!

Vegas Trip of The Killer Summer 08

My cool and hip younger sister Mrs. Orr and her husband Mr. Orr had a wonderful idea of taking a trip to Vegas together. So Mr. Pooba and I packed our sexy Vegas attire and headed off for a weekend full of throw-your-worries-to-the-wind fun!

Check out our funky moves!

Nothin like spending the day at the "beach", we stayed at Mandalay Bay and they have real sand in thier swimming area so you feel like you really are on the beach!

My favorite ride in Vegas is at the Sahara, it's like a race car.

When in Vegas, you've got to get dressed up and go out on the town at least one of the nights you are there, so we did exactly that.

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Orr's said...

Your way better at this then me! I think you have to come make mine cuter then yours.