Friday, December 5, 2008


This Thanksgiving I was in charge of one thing,


We had to 2 thanksgivings, one with my side of the fam and one with Bert's side of the fam. I was so excited to start baking! I took a full day off of work and all I did was bake bake bake. (Well, I also caught up on my Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes while enjoying an eggnog latte)

Every baker has a few essential tools that are required while gettin busy (tee hee hee) Here are mine:

1. Music. Something upbeat to keep you going, in my case I chose my favorite Chick Mix with a little Tori, Gwen, Paramore & Shiny Toy Guns.

2. Sanitizer. With 3 animals living in my home, this is a must! Every surface of the kitchen must be sanitized before baking, you never know where little kitty paws have been.

3. Water spray bottle. This is probably the most important tool I use. This sits on the counter while I cook so the kitties won't even think about climbing up on the counter. If I see a kitty even eyeing the counter he gets a squirt!

4. No dogs! With a dog this huge, you've gotta send his big black tush out the door!

5. And my favorite of them all, a cutsie apron!

So, after gathering your tools, doing the deed (cooking! Get your mind outta the gutter people), and voila!

Now the hardest part...transferring the pies from your kitchen to your Thanksgiving location. This is where the hubster comes in handy, even if he thinks his only job should be your taste tester!

We finally made it to both our Thanksgiving destinations, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of my side of the family because I was too busy stuffing my face and then falling asleep after someone rolled my fat butt out of the kitchen while still cradling my pumpkin pie.

But I did get pictures of Bert's side of the fam so I will now overload you with those!

And the most tragic event of the evening:

Getting a hole in my sock. Bah!


Wendy said...

Did you really make all that pie? I don't believe it.

Courtney said...

I can't believe you made 9 pies! I would've just bought them. At least you had pretty toenails for their little peep show they decided to do for you!

Megan said...

Wow, that's a lotta pies!! Go you!

LOL Looks like your middle toe is giving "the finger". :0P

Rebecca Jo said...

What kind of dog is that? Like Marmaduke? LOVE big doggies!!!

And look at all those pies... yum!

Love the shot of shooting cool whip in the kiddo's mouth!!!

Great pic of you & hubs too!

i'm black betty said...

umm...seriously, where the hell was my invite??? :)

those look great, and i lurv me some gwen.


Heath'e' said...

Can we come with you next Thanksgiving? I can hear Rich already salivating and I haven't even shown him the pictures. Rich LOVES pie, and it was his only disappointment with us being alone this year. We only had pumpkin because I wasn't making multiple pies for the 4 of us. He tried to go to Marie'S and get a few different slices, but apparently they don't sell by the slice on Thanksgiving! SUCH a bummer. Were hoping to make up for it at Christmas!! ANyway... your pies look DELISH!! I'm so impressed by your hard work :)

angie said...

All those pies look so good!

Great pics, looks like everyone was having fun!

And look at those puppy dog eyes! How can you resist not letting him have a taste?!

What A Card said...

Oh my, that's a lot of pie! And they all look lovely.

Looks like a great day, with just the unfortunate sock-casualty :)

Anonymous said...

That's a buttload of pies dude.

Do you wear anything besides the apron when you "bake"? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

That dog is huge! socks are just like that!

Mindy, Tyler, and Kids said...

Kudos to you! That makes for a long day. Good job!

Julia said...

Holly biscuits Betty Crocker!!! Dude how many bleeping pies did you make??? No wonder you were out for a day. And I know I'm gettin old since I only know one of the four artist you have displayed for our viewing pleasure. :(

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Look. At. Those. Pies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you have to show me those so early in the morning?! Oh my word.

Annie Harper said...


Oh, and I love Dozer. Why, why won't he love me back?


momma said...

thanks for letting me know i wasn't last on sits!!

your pies look great!!!!

heathersister said...

Love your choice of music. The dog is adorable. The pies look great and best of all, I love how you all teach the kids how to use the Rediwhip!

Rebecca Jo said...

oh - one more thing - stop by my blog for a surprise!

Orr's said...

You middle toe is longer then your big toe ha ha ha.

Rachel Ann said...

At least your toes are painted nicely!!! :)