Thursday, August 13, 2009

In Which I Don't Mention The Buffalo Burgers We Had For Dinner

I am a lazy human.

Too lazy to even pick up my camera yesterday and take pictures of my aprons. I wanted to join in the apron fun over at The Apron Goddesses with Julia & Suzi by showing off my lovely collection of aprons but instead of taking pictures, I farmed.

On Facebook.

My life is that exciting people. But luckily I have pictures of something even better.

Logan in an apron! He is a poser, he was totally workin the camera here you guys. His dad is going to kill me for putting him in this apron but Logan was struttin around and loving every minute of it!

He is sporting the apron I won over at The Apron Goddesses giveaway, this one Julia actually made herself and it's the perfect size for my little Log! Doesn't it go great with his pjs? It's perfect for your bedtime squats.

Speaking of my little Log, he turned three on Sunday! Ok I don't think you understand how amazing this is.

He. Turned. Three.

He is officially not a baby anymore! Guess that means it's time for Lindee and Lance to start gettin busy. I'm serious Lin, you better be too busy makin babies to even be reading this post.

You too Lance, Lindee can't do it by herself ya know.

So we had a little party for Logan at my dad's new house. YAY my dad bought a new house! He is still in the process of moving in but here are a few pics of his new home.

Of course these pics were taken after Logan trashed the place, but his house is beautiful and Logan loves the sandbox that my dad was so excited about!

And the backyard is beautiful!

There's nothing better than watching a 3 year old open presents and everyone spoiled him as usual.

Brolan wanted in on the action but Logan wasn't havin that!

Now here is Albert, the future lawyer. Look at that serious face, doesn't he look like a typical lawyer?

I bet you're wondering what he's thinking in this pic. Well I'll tell ya, he was either contemplating how he would repair the failing economy when he becomes President of the United States, or he was calculating the revenue he could generate with his newest business venture, or he was just staring at my boobs.

Probably the latter. He takes his booby watching very seriously.

I don't blame him, who'd want to stare at this face? (Of course I'm talking about the long horse faced girl on the left with the unkempt hair.)


THE Stephanie said...

You're so silly!! And maybe you should be the one making a baby!!! Ever thought of that? LOL

Julia said...

Super sillious Pooba. Logan is adorable as usual and who doesn't look awesome in cow apron?? Thanks for playing too!!!

Suzi said...

Logan is a doll and he looks great in the bovine. His dad can't be too doesn't have pink on it.

Dad's house looks cool. Love the back yard. The sand box takes the cake though, that's where I would spend all my time.

Albex, I'm sure he was looking at your beautiuful well as your boobs.

By the way, you 2 would make beauties! You need to start the baby making process.

Rebecca Jo said...

As long as he doesnt stare at someone's boobs if he becomes President of the United States... that could cause some issues! :)

Your dad's new home looks beautiful! Did he get a house with an extra room for your adopted sister... ME? Tell him I'll be packing soon! :)

Kristina P. said...

He is adorable! I love 3 year-olds!

Stephanie Faris said...

You both look beautiful and I LOVE your dad's house!

Sara said...

Logan is a cutie. Jesse wants his email address.

Cute apron!

y u l z said...

hahaha love the last picture :p

Keep on farming and I'll be happy to harvest for you wawawawa

Juls said...

Happy late B-day to Logan. The house is awesome. The backyard to die for! :) Your posts are always so fun.

St. Jeor Family said...

Happy B-day Logan! He is such a cute kid and I just love that apron!!! To funny!!!

Pricilla said...

Awww, Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy.

Your hair looks great. You should see what hair looks like after it has been chewed on by a goat.

Justine said...

Wow, what a gorgeous family, and I love your dad's new house! How fun that Logan got to break it in. And hey, that apron is not feminine at all. It's a COWBOY apron!!!!

Hmmm... telling Lindee to pop out another? I don't see you and Al procreating! Hmmm???

Justine :o )

Princess Andy said...


steak is nummy.

and i'm pretty sure Al is thinking how unfair it is that the 3 year old got all the cool toys and he's stuck with the friggin' ball.


p.s. plus, it's blue. good thing he wasn't holding two or else we would have some kick a** fun and mockery land right in our laps.

WhisperingWriter said...

Logan is adorable! And that apron rocks!

LadyStyx said...

*laffin* I was about to say .. he's starin at da boobies!

Lovely new home though. Gonna look great when all the decor is up!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Oh sure, Logan is all willing to go vogue for you now, but when he's a teenager (sorry, I should have told you to sit down before I said that) he may regret letting you let him prance around the house in an apron - heehee!

Aleta said...

I had to laugh, I thought the apron pictures were adorable.

BUT.... farming... on FB - for shame! Stop the insanity! OK, I admit, I used to farm too, but then the FB powers deleted my farm by accident and I took it as a sign. No more farming.

Cute family pictures, loved the last one!

Lee said...

I used to have my own little apron.
But I wasn't nearly as adorable as him.

Pressuring her to make babies, huh?
Greedy greedy.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Logan may be spoiled but The Bella is SUPER DUPER SPOILED, lol!! And my "baby" is turning 5 next Tuesday!!!

(You do NOT have a horse face, so shuddup!)

blueviolet said...

Your super cool dad's house is really nice and that backyard is absolutely amazing! Logan is a lucky little guy and so cute in that apron.

You spend more time with your family in a month than I do in a year.

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Loved the pictures of Logan in the apron! I always get a little sad when my twin nephews get a year older. I just wish they could still be those chubby little babies. Oh well. Looks like your dad got a nice pad of his own.

I haven't been here in a while. Love the new look...somewhat new look (depends on how long ago this was done).

Thanks for leaving the comment on my Fight Hunger post.

Melissa said...

Ok, You Farm on Facebook!! Me too!!

My husband gets all mad because he is actually a farmer in real life. He says that I can farm a real farm, but I am like I don't want to sweat!!!
Your family looks like they have so much fun!

Frogs in my formula said...

Love the yard and house pictures. Nice digs. Logan's a lucky little guy.

Xazmin said...

You're super adorable, and hilarious!

Love the apron posin...and Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Looks like an awesome your dad's new place!

JennyMac said...

Happy Bday to Logan. Love the name. And he is adorable! But you already know that. :)

Kathy B! said...

Every where I go I keep reading about Farmville. I am sooo staying away from that app!!

Love the pictures of the world's most photogenic family :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, my fiance takes boobie watching very seriously as well!

Megan said...

Love Logan in the apron. Future blackmail! Haha!

Your dad's house is gorgeous. The newest party house, woohoo!

Anonymous said...

That little apron is so cute!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Logan!

Looks like a fun day - and the apron is so very cute - especially on Logan!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Albert sure is a cutie, whew!

At least the little guy was wearing the appropriate apron for your farming ;O) I've been spending WAY too much time on there every night. My SIL is on there and I have to answer to her if my farm looks like crap lol.

the ungourmet said...

Cute apron shots! Hey, I farm on FB too! Harvesting 200 trees is a little annoying I have to say!

passions and soapboxes said...

Very funny and happy birthday to the little guy.

Karin Katherine said...

Ah, Reagan is going to love marrying into your family!

That backyard is super nice too!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Logan is so flipping cute! 3 is a big deal - it's like going from baby to big boy all in one day. So sad. :(

I don't see a horse face, so you just shut up about my beautiful friend!