Monday, May 11, 2009

8 Is Great...But Ice Cream Is Better

Yes, I had planned on a great Mother's Day post today but I'm still awaiting pictures...hint, hint DAD!....So I'm taking the easy road today and doing a tag.

Because I'm it. Which is all Suzi's fault, but I forgive her because she sent me sand dollars from the beach.


• Going to Vegas this weekend
• Going to California to visit Dennelle in June
• Getting my stitches out today
• Finding out where Albert is going to Law School
• Starting a family
• My MMM’s every weekend (Movie Mocha Mornings)
• Seeing my nieces and nephews
• Summer


• Helped make dinner for Mama Silkman
• Had my MMM (Movie Mocha Morning) in case you forgot
• Baked Banana Bread (Yes Julia, I was wearing an apron!)
• Sang along to the Wicked soundtrack
• Spanked Albert
• Hung out with the fam for Mother’s Day
• Laundry
• Caught up on American Idol


• Have the metabolism I had in the 7th grade.
• Travel more
• Convince Albert to ride roller coasters
• Be a professional ballerina
• Re-do my wedding
• Have a personal shopper and stylist
• Move to the coast and be able to take my family with me
Cure cancer


• 30 Rock
• The Office
• Desperate Housewives
• Family Guy
• The Simpsons
• 24
• Medium
• American Idol



Kristina P. said...

Only 3 more hours of 24 left! Eeeekk!

And I am jealous you are going to Vegas!

Tiffany @ Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I wish I was going to Vegas this weekend!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Thanks now I want ice cream and banana bread. :)

Can I go to Vegas with you?!

Anonymous said...

I cannot make a decent loaf of banana bread even if my life depended on it!
Ooooh, careful over there!
Have fun!!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

That picture of the little boy made me laugh... I thought he was passing gas!!!! hehe!!!! I thought that was going to be one of the 8 things you did yesterday!!! OOPS!

And 30 Rock ROCKS!!! I can get enough of that show!!!

Ms. Wanda said...

You know I was forced to go out to Applebee's for Mother's Day and I will never eat there again. The kids wanted to take mommy out and hubby didn't want to cook, crap!!! 60 bucks later and my mothers day was shot. I think the food got worse due to the economy:( I want to go to Vegas, too!

Jon and Steph said...

You're going to Vegas!! That's awesome!

Mindy, Tyler, and Kids said...

I am so with you on re-doing my wedding! We've decided that after we've been married for 20-30 years we're going to do a re-reception and do it the way that we want to. I'm with you on the dancing too! :D

Kathy B! said...

Take me to Vegas with you! Please!!

And when you get that 7th grade metabolism back let me know how you did it!

Suzi said...

Ice cream is better. It's an addiction I can't seem to let go of. Speaking of, I think I may have to make some tonight.

Re-do your wedding? Was it a disaster?

The Wife O Riley said...

Spanked Albert???!??!!? Do Tell!

Lee said...

I wish I could be excited about Vegas.
Now whenever someone says Vegas, I'm like eh been there done that.

Melissa said...

My hubby just got back from Vegas!

I would redo my wedding too, because it happened during a blizzard!!!

Annie Harper said...

Dude, I would TOTALLY re-do my wed. I hear ya on that.

And I didn't want to tell you this, but my mom doesn't read your blog, how is she going to do this tag? I think you should tag someone else...

Cairo Typ0 said...

I love Vegas! Where are you staying? Did you bring enough Banana Bread to share with the class? *drool*

yulz said...

Alloha there ~

Wow its been a while since I stop doing this blogging stuff and today, I just can't stop reading yours :D you seem to have lots of fun.

How I wish I could have a great time outing with my girlfriends right now.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Vegas Baby! Love the pics you used too funny! Hope you get the photos soon ... LOL

Anonymous said...

I'll let my mom know you tagged her.

Starting a family....ehhh????

Anonymous said...

Check my blog

heathersister said...

Serious. Lost is not on your list? For real. You watch it don't you.

heathersister said...

p.s. have fun in Vegas.


So u can go to Cali and visit some chic I have never heard of, but you cant come HERE to see me? Plus Vegas too- Come on now, I need some L-O-V-E! What r ur plans for Vegas?

Anonymous said...

I am afraid to ask but I can't resist. Who is Albert and if he is a grown man going to Law School why did you spank him, was it something kinky... maybe you should forget I asked. lol

i'm black betty said... saweet. my girlfriends and i are planning a "girls" trip for next april. i'm soooo pumped!!!!

hope you have a blast!!! xoxo

Megan said...

Fun things!! =D

The only thing I would've changed about my wedding is my damn photographer! Other than him, it was perfect!

Have fun this weekend!

joanofalltrades said...

You r hilarious! I love your tv picks.......I'll take a slice of that banana bread if there is any left :)

scrappysue said...

take me to vegas? please?

Queenie Jeannie said...

Who is Albert? And why did you spank him? LOL!

Come over and read my Friday post. My husband is the bestest!!!

Lia "training education" Scott said...

have a happy and safety tip to vegas..