Friday, October 24, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

It's time to announce the winners of the Pay It Forward Giveaway! Are ya ready?

I put all the names in a bowl, including extras for those that posted about the giveaway on their blog, and drew out two names. The first winner who will win the bracelet and the necklace is:

The Cluff Family!

Yay for the Cluffs, you are now gonna be one stylin chica!

Now, for the mystery prize winner, let's see first what the prize is:

My favorite fall Decor! I'm in the fall mood and thought I'd spread it around! Here's a closer look of the prizes

And the winner of the fall decor is...


Congrats to both winners! Remember to email me your shipping information so I can get your prizes out to you!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

Here are the two winner's random acts of kindness:

Cluff Family:
I make cookies all the time and take them to friends and neighbors! (That is selfish though cuz I don't wanna eat em ALL) My friends mom has cancer again.. 5 tumors! So I made her a special card. It almost made ME cry! I sent it home with her son. I am also doing the Memory walk for Josh's grandma in a couple weeks! My friends and neighbors help me all the time. When they see me struggling, they are always there to help out.

What I have done: I try to help others understand the cancer journey. I try to help others tell their stories and move forward in life. My Random Act of Kindness....I always give people the extra change that they don't have or dollar. I hate when you get to the register and you are short so I make so to always give the person $$...And today I gave a beautiful Hope Box to a cancer patient. I got it from Nana over at Nana's Box

What others have done for me: Wow so many people have done so many things for me. Random act of kindness would be Nana making and sending me the Hope box for my friend :)


Meaghan said...

Thank you so much! You really made my day. It was hard for me to read my random act of kindness because my friend who the box was for died very suddenly this week! I am going to the memorial today so this was the perfect pick me up today!

Thank you a million for bringing a bit of sunshine into this very gloomy day...very weird how this random act of kindness giveaway really ended up being the random act of kindness I needed today :)

I will be sure to continue this giveaway by doing my own.



Woo Hoo! Thanks Kel I am so excited to get my gift and do my own pay it forward. I never win these things. Thanks so much. We are coming up tomorrow. Maybe we could stop for a bit on the way? Let me know and thanks again. Love and kisses............

Orr's said...

Aw! You secret prize ROCKED! You are officially a blogger.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Awww, how FUN! Let's cross my fingers and hope I win next time. ;) GREAT PRIZES, GIRLIE!