Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time To Get Fallified!

I guess snow isn't the worst that could happen so I've decided I should just embrace the season despite of the weather.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the Halloween/Fall decorations that I have in my home in hopes anyone else would share pictures on their blog too. I love decorating my house this time of year especially for Halloween!

First off is my living room mantel. I owe these cute block letters to my mother in law who gave them to me a couple of seasons ago. They spell out HARVEST.

This is my leaf bowl with my pumpkin potpourri that smells delicious! I keep it on my kitchen table.

I love this crafty BOO in my kitchen.

I painted this witch a loooong time ago when I actually did arts and crafts.

Now this is the coveted pumpkin candle that I stole from my Mom a few years ago with the promise to give it back, her mistake was she never said WHEN to give it back! (Thanks Mom!) This is my absolute favorite candle because it fills my house with pumpkin spice aroma that just feels so homey and cozy. Especially on snowy days!

I usually have these pumpkins on my front door, but this year I brought the pumpkins inside...

...and replaced them with this:

I just got this wreath this year at Linen N Things, they have a lot of cute fall decor!

My little darling Frank is from my old "crafty" days, I just think he's adorable!

Frank hangs out on my piano with his good friend Jack

So that's pretty much it for now, I still need to decorate my front porch which is very very plain. I also can't wait to put out my Thanksgiving decor because I have the cutest Turkeys!

Okay, so I'm feeling better now that I'm focusing on the Holidays and not the snow! Does anyone else decorate for fall?


Silkman's said...

I love it all! My house is so plain. I need to deocorate for my kids they love it.

P.S. I love the HARVEST blocks. That is probably my favorite decoration I put out this time of year. Thanks Cris!!!

Heath'e' said...

I love that you decorate!! I was too lazy this year to find my tiny box of stuff to put it out. I can't wait for the day when we don't live in a tiny apt. I need some storage and more cute decorations. I am excited about decorating for Christmas even though I don't have a lot of stuff (most is waiting for us to get a bigger place in my parents basement) YEA FALL I'm loving it!!

klynch said...

too cute unfortuneately my house will not be decorated this year due to the 2 year old and moving of anything with in his reach and not really having to many decorationsand lastly the wonderful bedrest thing ... trying to take it easy today

Ben and Ash said...

I tried to pick a favorite of all your lovely decor and it's all so loverly I just can't! You are pretty crafty too, Frank is lucky to have such a great master. I might be a little partial to your leaf bowl and pumkin potpouri though.
ps. Your house is gorgeous. I call next family party is held there.
ps again. thanks for leaving a comment despite the threatening disclaimer! and I'm pretty sure if you wait 20 years to have kids you'll be considered a 'very high risk' pregnancy. Which is fine...I'm just saying;)Maybe you should consider a 10 year wait instead of 20?

BSW said...

Cute! You have a lot of decor items for the holidays! Great job on the witch!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Your house is FALL-TASTIC! I love it. Thanks for sharing. I just love peeking into other peoples homes - don't you!? So fun. HAPPY FALL!!!

Bombastic Bandicoot said...

Love your decor -- it's right up my alley! :O) And anyone who loves animals is fine by me.

I must confess, I'm a bit jealous of the snow. :)

Have a wonderful day and nice to "meet" you!


Kirstie says..... said...

Welcome to SITS and thanks for the comment. I LOVE fall candle smells....my favorite right now is cinnamon swirl!

Meaghan said...

WOW you have an awesome house! So creative too :) Thanks for the comment. We actually have two pumpkin flavors and I bet it would make your home smell all pumkiny :)

Here is the link :)



Marsdinis said...

Love all your decorations! We decorate for fall, too. I just love from Sept 1-the end of the year, and I whip out the decorations that day! I love your pumpkin potpouri-I can just smell it.-beautiful home


You are such a craft queen. I have always adored your craftiness. Now come do mine!