Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or What?

Oh to be young again!

I LOVE trick or treating, why is it only for kids? I need to get me one of those so I can live vicariously through him (or her)! If only I wasn't 5'10" I could throw a sheet over my head and pretend I was in grade school again, it sucks being a tree. So I LOVE Halloween but there is one huge problem with Halloween these days.


Trunk or treating has murdered Halloween! I am so against trunk or treating, you might as well just give your kids a bag of candy and call it good! For those of you who live in NORMAL neighborhoods and don't know what trunk or treating is, let me explain.

Parents. It's all their fault. They get a huge group of families together in a parking lot and arrange their cars in a circle with their trunks facing the center. They open their trunks and fill them with candy so the kids can just walk in a circle from trunk to trunk and say trick or treat. Not house to house, trunk to fricken trunk.

Come on people, what's the fun in that?

Now I don't get any trick or treaters on Halloween because they've already been trunk or treating! Okay, I get maybe 5 trick or treaters the whole night and I'm not exaggerating. Come on, I want to see these cute little kids in their cute little costumes coming to my door and begging for my candy!

When I was younger, we'd have our route planned out and we were so determined to come home with the most candy so that we could dump it out on the living room floor and start bartering with each other.

"I'll give you this sucker for your Reeses, No? Fine 2 suckers for your Reeses and I'll throw in a Tootsie Roll just because I'm a nice guy."

This is what Halloween is all about, the streets should be filled with ghosts and Harry Potters and Hanna Montanas and Jokers and Buz Lightyears and ballerinas and dead brides! (I know, Hanna Montana?)

So I'm sorry to be such a downer on Halloween, but this has got to stop. Who's with me?


Liz said...

Happy Halloween!
Liz & Mabel

Wehrle said...

I know what you mean! Maybe you should move to vegas because I htink Trunk or treat is a mormon thing. OUr ward does it but everyone still goes trick or treating too. Last year there were kids EVERYWHERE on our street... it was like our neighborhood when we were kids. It was sooooo fun! I hope tonght is the same!
Happy Halloween!

Alivia Stutzman said...

I'M WITH YOU!!!! I did trunk or treating one time and it was at a day care when i lived in Colorado. There was hardly any kids in our neighborhood so it was next best thing so that I could see all the kids dressed up. I think it's dumb to do it here cause there are tons of kids and tons of houses and why wouldn't you go door to door? I miss trick-or-treating. Oh and who ever gives out toothbrushes for Halloween, you can go hang out with the trunk or treaters. Toothbrushes BAH!

Weeksie50 said...

I think Trunk of Treat is ridiculous too..Ugh.

metromut said...

Holy crap... you make me laugh so hard!! I am so with you on the whole trunk or treating thing. I think it is totally lame. I love your blog. You are just as beautiful as ever.

Heath'e' said...

Ha ha, now I see why you think I'd be mad.We'll I'm not, cause I like trick or-treaters at my door too, but I'd rather be with my kids then passing out candy. Also let me just say as a mom of two little ones, Trunk or Treat rocks! They get tons of candy (that I get to steal while they're sleeping, but they said they would share with me:)) and their little feet don't get all tiered. PLUS these days there are some creeps around so it's a safer alternative.(I know your not a creep, but your neighbor might be and you don't want your 11 yr olds going there by themselves). AND We still do a little trick or treating too on Halloween night. Which they are doing in a few hours without me since I'm in Chicago. I know they will have fun, but I may cry tonight! LOVE YOU!

Amy said...

You are so funny. Yeah we skipped the whole trunk or treating thing and went around the neighborhood. Happy Halloween!

Orr's said...

No kidding! we went in moms neighborhood and there were no kids out! Not to mention all the houses now are turning out there porch lights and not participating. I am a trunk or treat hater.

Cris said...

OMG I am so with you. Kel come up to our house next year so you can enjoy the TRUE MEETING OF HALLOWEEN. You see everyone in Utah comes to our neighborhood because they get king size candy bars and hot chocolate. What ever happened to the mini treats? Oh well, to be young again. I think we should dress up next year and pretend we ARE SHORT AND YOUNG are you with me?

Silkman's said...

I am with you. I hate trunk or treats I think they are so lame. That is not what halloween is about. Parents like it because the kids are done in like 5 min. I love taking my kids door to door they have so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that! That is soooo bizarre!


Yeah I miss the old door to door trick or treating too. My neighbor hood is AWESOME cuz we have a lil trunk or treat with the ward, but everyone goes trick or treating on Halloween too. BONUS! There are tonz of kids here, so it is way fun. I think I bought 10-12 bags of candy. Probably went through 5? It was a lot of fun. JD came home yelling "I love Halloween! I love Halloween!"