Monday, November 24, 2008


No mom, not smokes as in cigarettes.....Smokes as in my cat Smokey.

Smokey is not grey like you would think being that his name IS Smokey. No, he is actually a black and white cat. Don't ask me how he got his name because I don't know, we didn't name him, his previous owners did. His previous owners also ran over him and then abandoned him at the Vet Hospital, so the name was the least of their wrong doings.

After Smokey had healed, we brought him home from the hospital and now he is our own non-grey cuddly kitty.

Meet Smokey:

(He's the gay kitty on the right)

Among many of his peculiar antics, there is one that I was willing to spend $300 to get rid of.

Not scratching on furniture.

Not tearing up toilet paper and leaving it strewn across the living room.

Not even leaving a nest of cat hair on my side of the bed.

No, this habit is much worse than all these.

Smokey, like the good little cat he is, poops in the litter box. Thats great right? Oh it's fabulous except for one thing. After leaving his poop in the litter box to harden a bit, he sticks his head back into the box and picks up the poop with his mouth and brings it upstairs to my kitchen where he continues to bat the poop back and forth across my kitchen floor like it's any other toy.

Yep, cat poop. On my kitchen floor.

A kitty litter frosted terd!

I would try to catch him in the act so I could dispose of the poop right away and I thought I was doing a pretty good job staying on top of the issue. That is until I decided to sweep underneath the fridge one day. After I pulled the fridge away from the wall, there on the floor where the fridge once sat, was a mountain of kitty poop!

A mountain.

This had to stop! There is no way I could follow him to the litter box every time he "does his thang" to clean up after him, so I researched online and found my solution.

My $300 litter box:

This is not a kitty spaceship, this is an actual litter box. Everytime a cat does his thing, this magic dome rotates and disposes the poop into a hidden bin underneath.

I know there are cheaper litter boxes out there, but I've heard horror stories about those rakes that are used to scrape the poop away and how they can hurt your cat. Well, this spaceship has no rakes, nothing will harm my kitties here!

Ta Da! Problem solved!

Before we got Smokey, the only problem we had was that Dozer was always eating the kitty food. To solve this, we made the kitties thier very own room beneath the stairs. This is the door to thier private room:

Dozer gets very jealous that the kitties have their very own room of which he is not alound to step foot into, so he stands gaurd waiting anxiously for a kitty to pop his head out the little hole.

And when a kitty finally does, Dozer will stuff his nose into the little opening to block the kitties in and he starts blowing his nose in their faces.

He does this until I yell "Dozer!" At which point he looks up at me with this look on his face that says

"What? You said I couldn't step foot into their room, you said nothing about putting my nose in!"


angie said...

Your cats are like Harry Potter, with their room under the stairs!

Poor Dozer, he just wants to hang out with them!

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh - the things we do for our animals... we've installed many contraptions just to make our doggies already spoiled lives better...

Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Super cute!!

I never heard of a $300 litter box before, but it sure sounds like you needed it! Yikes!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!

I gave a chuckle at the thought of kitty-litter coated poop balls! Hahahaha!

Megan said...

OMGoodness! I have never heard of a kitty doing something like that before! Nasty! LOL I think I would be willing to spend the cashola on a litter box to stop that, too!

In order to keep my pup from eating the kitty food, the cat eats on the table. *and we don't eat at the table* lol

Jamie said...

Your Smokey sounds like a special kitty! We had a problem with our dogs (when we had two) eating each other's food and then getting stop that we started feeding one upstairs, on an elevated bowl out of the older ones reach and one downstairs (the little one won't do stairs).


Wow and I thought I had issues! How funny. Glad you got a box/spaceship that works for ya!

Blog Buddy said...

I'm laughing outloud at this post! hahahahaha!!

Wendy said...

My kitties have their own basement, not because the dog eats their food (which she does, of course) but because she eats their POOP! Dogs are NASTY, but I love mine so very much!

The Rambler said...

Love your blog! Your so funny....