Monday, November 17, 2008

More On the Bainster!

My hubster came home from work on Friday with a little surprise in his hand. And yes, this surprise made me cry.


I've had an emotional week to say the least! But inside the little bag he brought home was this:

I took a picture with my hand next to it so you can see just how HUGE Bain's paws were!

This dog was hilarious! Hubster and I always reminisce about Bain and his funny ways. So I'd like to share a few quirky things about that dang cute dog!

Here's a little background:

Bain's previous owner left him at the animal hospital with Parvo. My hubster works with his dad at the vet hospital and the owner couldn't pay to have him treated so instead of putting him down, the owner agreed that if anyone else was willing to take care of him, then they could have him.

Which is where we came in!

After Bain was better we brought him home and we could tell that something wasn't quite right. Because Bain was beaten as a puppy, he would not come out of his cage and was deathly afraid of humans.

So I spent many dog training classes carrying this HUGE puppy from the car to the classroom because he was too scared to walk. It was quite the adventure! The first time we went to training, he would not even walk onto the training floor, he bolted for the first dog cage he saw and wouldn't budge!

After many classes and lots of work, Bain started to come out of his shell and finally trusted us. And everyone who met Bain can tell you what a sweet dog he was, he didn't have a mean bone in his body.

Now, let me tell about his little OCD issues!

1. When coming inside from the backyard, Bain couldn't walk up the stairs to the deck right away. Instead he had to circle the stairs at least 3 times before he could go up them. Without fail, this was his routine every time!

2. He could not cross over a cord or hose or any line that was in front of him. If possible he would walk around it, or just run away.

3. He would not go through an open door unless it was wide open. Even if he could easily fit through the partially open door, he was too scared unless it was open ALL the way.

4. He LOVED car rides but could not jump into the back of our Hummer. Every time we took him anywhere, Bert had to lift him up to get him into the car. This was NOT an easy thing to do as you can see by the size of this dog!

5. When Bain would get excited, his teeth would start chattering like he was cold and he would do a little doggy dance by shuffling his feet. SO CUTE!

And Bain absolutely LOVED his older brother Dozer, they played tug-o-war and tag and then they'd both collapse from exhaustion and fall asleep outside. The were so cute together, Bain was always tagging along with Dozer.

So that huge freakin cute dog was the perfect puppy, I recommend anyone to get a Mastiff as a pet.

What I am not going to tell you is all the slobber I was constantly wiping off my walls, couches, toilets, floors, tables, rugs. This dog could even fling slobber onto the ceiling!

But I couldn't get mad at him, could you be angry at this cute "little" face?


Amy said...

I love your Bain stories! I first read about him in your post where you had to put him down and I was crying like a baby. It's good to know some more of his background. He's adorable! I love that ornament, although it's probably going to weigh anything down that you put it on.

Jennifer Lee said...

I'm with Amy, I cried when I read your post about putting him down. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. And how cute of your hubby to get you such a wonderful gift!

Heath'e' said...

How cute is Albert!! I'm so glad he did that for you. What a great thing to have to remember such a lovable creature!
love ya :)

Rebecca Jo said...

What a neat gift from your hubby. I've never seen anything like that. Oh - dogs become such a huge part of a family! Its so hard when they have to leave us... I always ask why God only lets them live such a short time. What a blessing you were in his OCD life! That you & your husband would be so caring for him.... There are so many animals out there that need love!

Megan said...

Awww, what a big sweetie!

(My lab barely slobbers, though, and I can barely deal with that. No way could I deal with it constantly! But good for you! lol =) )

Wendy said...

What a sweet dog! I'm sorry he's no longer with you, but I think that ornament might pull your tree over.

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, what a sweet reminder of your little ;) Bain. What a wonderful dog and what wonderful memories..

Cris said...

Kel Bain will always be in your hearts. Memories will last forever!!! Joy, laughter and tears all make having our 4 legged family members in our lives quite memorable. Alex is the best. Guess I can say that since he is my son. : )

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine. I would be so sad.
I love the OCD kind of dog!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss :( :( :(

angie said...

I knew I shouldn't have gone back to read that post...

What a sweet puppy.

Jennifer said...

Oh I'm so sorry about your dog. Sounds like he was such a great pet!. The paw print is beautiful and a perfect reminder of your big guy.

Its Me(SARA) Behind the Camera said...

So I am sitting here reading your post, and Bain is so cute! He looks like a big oh puppy dog, I can't believe someone would beat/mistreat a dog. I love that he was OCD, that cracks me up.

So then I click on the Bain link to find more information about what happend to him. I am sitting here crying like a baby. I am so sorry this has happend to your doggy! I love the last picture of you and him, so precious! What a wonderful gift your hubby gave you! He gets tons of "points" in my book! :)

i'm black betty said...

1) he had a great smile
2) he was beautiful
3) i'm so sorry for your loss

this dog looks like he was just amazing. so glad you were able to share your life with him...and him with you.


sassy stephanie said...

Bain looks as though he was quite the pooch! Glad you have such fond memories of him! And that nephew of yours is CUTE!

Thanks for visiting me today!

BSW said...

Kel- I love this post about Bain! He seriously was the sweetest dog! My eyes are started to tear up again, so I better end there!

Karin Katherine said...

We had an Irish Wolfhound. I wish I had her paw print. I miss her.

Orr's said...

Ha Ha I didn't know he was that OCD, what a cutie!

TMI said...

Oh what a sweet, quirky dog and I'm so sad for you! But what a sweet gift from your hubster. So thoughtful!!!

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, I love these pictures and all the background stories. What an adorable, sweetheart face he has!

I'm so sorry he's gone.

Our animals are such gifts...and you all were gifts to him, too.

Hang in there...sending the very best thoughts your way...

:^) Anna


What a great idea. How thoughtful of him. I love the OCD things about Bain. The story about the 3 ft man- I remember that! How funny!

jubilee said...

Sounds like quite a dog. *sniff*

(Found your through SITS)

Synergy Girl said...

OH what a cute boy!! I do have to say we lucked out on the slobber issue! There must be enough dane in him to keep the slobber at bay..!!