Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Are My Ruby Slippers When I Need Them?

Wow, it's finally Friday! I get to go home to see my sweet hubster and my lil furry babies, I'm so excited!

This week has been interesting to say the least! Let me elaborate a bit starting with my St. Patrick's Day night. (Yes the day/night thing makes perfect sense)

So after eating sushi in Elko (I know, sushi in Elko? It's true) we walk next door to this lil happenin joint where a bunch of leprechauns lured us in with their promises of rainbows and pots of gold. Of course we didn't care for the gold, I mean hello? We work for a gold mine, we could get gold anytime right? So I went in for the rainbows.

I'm all about the rainbows.

The whole town of Elko must have showed up because there were about 50 people there!

The bag piper dudes in thier kilts. They say they wore them the traditional way but I don't believe them, it was WAY to cold for that!

Oh, and I learned that all leprechauns are liars, I don't see any rainbows here do you?

Anyway, so I am a little concerned about this colleague of mine. He is from our office in Canada so I just met him in person this week for our project and he is an interestin fella!

The first day in town he made us stop at the pharmacy so he could pick himself up some booze for his hotel room. Wha? Booze in the pharmacy? I've never seen such an animal! I was definitely not in anymore.

So every night after work, he got drunk BEFORE we went to dinner. EVERY TIME. And the drunker he got, the worse his accent got so I couldn't understand him at all. St. Patty's day was probably the worst of his drunkenness:

So the next day at work we had this conversation:

Drunken Colleague: "I am running today."

Dumb Blond (me): "Oh, ok. On the treadmill at the hotel?"

Drunken Colleague: "No, I mean, I don't know how to say this...I am so ashamed of myself."

Dumb Blond: "Oh, don't be ashamed, everyone needs a good run now and then."

Drunken Colleague: "No, I mean...I am not feeling well, my bowels are running and I you you know where I can get medicine?"



Dumb Blond: "Oh...OH! Um no, I'm sorry maybe in the break room?"

So then I make the poor man tell someone else about his pooping issues in order to get medicine. Luckily, he found some and he was able hinder his running problem for the day.


Since I already had a tour of the brothels the last time I was in town, I stayed clear of those this week. Plus I've been working long hours so I was just way too tired to go check out Sue's Fantasy Club again! And Inez's Dancin & Diddling was always closed when I got off work everday anyway. Everyone there probably missed me but hey, I can't please everyone!

So I am heading off to catch my flight now, I can't wait to get home and sleep in my own bed and spend a nice relaxing Friday night with my Hubby. Who knows, maybe we'll go a little crazy and do two puzzles tonight!

Party animals.


Bee and Rose said...

I am laughing so hard I can't even leave a comment that makes sense!

Barely Domestic Mama said...

Oh my! Thanks for the laugh! Hilarious!

Kristina P. said...

Wow! Talk about TMI. Hahaha!

Donnetta said...

Hopefully his running was better by the flight home!!!

Have a great night with Hubs!

Lisa Cheney said...

hahaha, cracking up! i can appreciate how all over the place this post is:)


Anonymous said...

From drunk leprechauns to puzzles, awwwww...she's growing up.

Call Me Cate said...

See, here's the thing about the coworker. He's Canadian you said? It's cold in Canada. They HAVE to drink before they leave the house/hotel, otherwise they'd never get brave enough to go out in all that cold.

And you were right - totally no rainbows there. Have a safe trip home!

Suzi said...

Running....hmmmm. That's a new way of using it that I never imagined. Welcome home and enjoy your evening with your hubster Albex and your furry babies.

Julia said...

Wow your really stretching out on a limb with that two puzzle goal. I mean, what are we to think now??

THE Stephanie said...

Oh my!!! I think I would have called in sick and caught an earlier flight home. Like on Tuesday!!! LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

That is hilarious... "pooping issues"... oh my gosh girl - you can tell a story!

Anonymous said...

That convo is so funny! Ha! Good one!
Why is there not an orange-filled holiday??

Getting drunk every night? Lucky!

I wonder if there is a George Clooney look-alike leprachaun? ;)

LadyStyx said...

*laffz*! Oh my. Every night??? Sheesh.

Kasey Hunt said...

Oh my- you're right what an interesting week you had my dear!
I think you handled your co worker a lot better than I would have. And I have never heard of the term "running" used for that reason before. You're not dumb!! He's just weird.

Mamarazzi said...

SERIOUSLY funny post! oh my goodness i am rolling laughing!

and yeah Elko is like the armpit of Nevada..and Nevada is a pretty gross state in my mind so that says a lot.

and "running" WAAAAY too much info. dude needs to lay off the booze a little!

Melissa said...

Those Crazy canadians!!!!

At least you are home with your hubby now!

Lee said...

Who calls it "running".
Could've just called it bowel trouble. I dunno.
Drunk people scare me. They're so erratic.

Debbie said...

That poor guy! And poor you for having to listen to his troubles.

angie said...


Was there not a guy available for the guy to ask about medicine for his 'running' problem? If I was a guy, I definitely wouldn't have asked a cute blond chic.

Annie Harper said...

My dear. That is one awesome work trip you had there.

At least your co-worker kept you on your toes??? And who just busts out the runs on someone? You gotta be pretty tight before you can share butt issues with people. I mean....really.

Mandy said...

Well now. He's an interesting fella! LOL :)

Kathy B! said...

It was sure nice of your colleague to give you such great blog material, though :)

Welcome home, and try to reign in your puzzle solving skills so that you'll be fir for more work on Monday!

nikkicrumpet said...

I sure hope he doesn't read your blog...cuz if he does you are toast woman! And forget the puzzles...I think the hubster would rather do the "Inez dancing and diddling"!

Franco said...

wow, that relly funny but really gross, I like it! haha
poor guy

The Wife O Riley said...

Wow! Inez just puts it right out there on the sign!

Glad your home, go do your puzzles!

Rhea said...

I don't know which is more funny...your co-worker with his running bowels or you guys up late doing puzzles. hehe

ChicagoLady said...

Inez obviously didn't realize all the diddling that needed to be done when you got off work!

A drunk Canadian, eh? Imagine that!

susette said...

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

Oh, Pooba. I sincerely hope that you just enjoyed a wonderfully quiet weekend with your fur babies and your husband. Although this post was hilarious, you definitely deserve a break from the mayheim in Elko.

There really is no place like home.


Debbi said...

Um, I'm from Canada. I do NOT buy booze in the pharmacy, nor do I even know WHERE in Canada SELLS booze in a pharmacy!!!!

Secondly, I'm sorry this dude's making such an interesting Canadian name for himself, but I won't be telling people about my runs. That's just weird!

Megan said...

WOw, um..the guy could've just said he was having bathroom issues instead of running around in circles to get to the point. LOL

You certainly have an entertaining life. Thanks for the laughs!

Hope you had a nice evening doing puzzles with the hubs! =)

Queenie Jeannie said...

ohmygosh - what a loser!! How does he get any work done???

I"m so glad you made it back safely!