Friday, September 11, 2009

A Few Random Thoughts

Happy Birthday to my mom in law. Nobody will ever forget her birthday, being on the 11th of September.


God bless America today.


This is my desk right now. I make a concoction of Crystal Light Ice Tea and Crystal Light Lemonade. I need all 3 cups to do this, trust me.


Can't believe DeAnna can run 17 miles and still be alive afterward.


I'm so proud of my Lil Sis for getting into the Nursing program.


I love when Annie beautifies my hair.

Sorry for the confusion on facebook that made it sound like you were doing my husband. I was talking about how you sexify his hair, not him himself.


I finally told my mom that I am no longer a member of her church. Big weight lifted. She said we can still be lovers.


Can't wait for Paramore's new CD and I'm definitely going to their concert.


I got this very chic award from Jenny Mac.

And as always I'd like to pass this award on to your mom.


My current addiction is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and my new laptop.


There are WAY to many links in this post


I leave you with my Lee:

Until next time.


Kristina P. said...

Your hair looks hot!

Rebecca Jo said...

Just curious... did you find a new church?

And I have a girl in my youth group that is INSANE for Paramore! She just went & saw them in concert with No Doubt & about had a heart attack... that's her Steven Curtis Chapman! :)

Kathy B! said...

Your hair looks fab!

And congrats on the new laptop... it's almost as exciting as giving birth :)

Heather said...

I love randomness. I think you've inspired me to do the same soon.

I got my hair done this week too and omg I did not realize how badly my roots were screaming at me until they were covered up. Whew.

Have a good weekend!

MJW said...

I love random thoughts! Cute hair!
And I emailed you something I think you'll love and HOPEFULLY you don't have it yet. :)

blueviolet said...

New hair, a new laptop, and an arrangement for special love with your mother....that's the way to celebrate a Friday!

The Wife O Riley said...

Ooooooh, I am jealous of the new laptop, the hair, and the award!

Lee said...

Ha, I'm starting to catch on...
now, to get EVERYONE to post a picture of themselves at this very moment.

And call it "the Lee".
That would be awesome.

That crystal light actually sounds really good right now. I'm burning up. It sounds... refreshing.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Love you.

WhisperingWriter said...

Nice hair!

Marissa said...

Oooh, a little Crystal Light Arnold Palmer ay?!?! LOVE the hair. You're among the lucky who has amazing hair. I have my appointment on Monday and I'm still debating on whether I should continue to grow it back out from the last butchering or chop it again...I tell ya, the struggles in my life ;o)

Pricilla said...

I thought Tuesday was random day. You are messin' with my head.

Now your head looks lovely....

scrappysue said...

you and your interesting random thoughts and link heavy post - i was just deciding which link to click and i realised my caramel was burning. you made me burn my caramel!!! it's banoffee pie tho, so i think it'll still be ok!!!

Orr's said...

Aw thanks kel. Your thoughts are pretty organized. If I did a post like that it would be:
Why doesn't anyone believe in Unicorns?
I should write a book on conspiracy theories of hair care.
I wonder what Logan would look like as a girl etc etc. I'm just not that bright to share my thoughts.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

You always have the cutest posts!

JennyMac said...

Love your fab hair Sassylita.

And did you mean you are giving that award to MY mom? LOL.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Your hair looks beautified! ;)

Happy Birthday to your MIL and God Bless America.

Glad your mom and you are still lovers... :)

Looking forward to Paramore's new CD, too!

Jealous of the new laptop... ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Suzi said...

I wish I could run 17 miles and still be alive. I wish I could run 17 miles and the jiggles would just fall off.

ChicagoLady said...

It's Captain Crunch's Peanut Butter Cereal aka Crunch Butter RoRo, get it right! lol

I love Crystal Light Lemonade, but it's been so cool all summer, I haven't wanted lemonade like I usually do when it gets hot.

Stesha said...

I thought we were lovers....

Hugs and Mocha,

nikkicrumpet said...

I think your mom and I are members of the same church. And I remember the day my daughter told me she was no longer a member. It hurts...but we love our children so darn much it can't change things. And your hair does look sexy!

Justine said...

Holy crap, how much caffeine was in that Crystal Lite concoction? This post was all over the damn place! LOL

Your hair looks awesome!

Justine :o )

LadyStyx said...

The hair looks great!!

My addictions right now are carb-lite torts and Kashi cinnamon breakfast bars...

Megan said...

Yay for getting your hairs did.

Happy Birthday to your MIL!!

Never heard of least I don't think I I need a flogging?

Congrats on your sexy award.

Congrats to your sis. That's awesome!!

Good to know your mommy still loves you.

LOL at all your cups on your desk.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it fun to do the Lee!?

That's a lot of random, just the way I like it!

Jason, as himself said...

There is just so much information in this post I can't begin to process it. Especially the church one! I'm glad you got this out of the way and that she still loves you!

The hair looks great!

Mama Kat said...

I wish I didn't have to rape my bank account to sexify my hair.

And 'your mom' jokes never. get. old.


Frogs in my formula said...

Peanut Butter Captain Crunch sounds so delicious. As do highlights--too bad I'm taking a break from coloring. I need to figure out what my natural hair color is. It's been so long!

Hit 40 said...

Your hair color looks awesome!! Great work by the stylist. And.. congrats on the award. This is one of my new favorite awards. Nice!!

Tremayne and Dellany Higby said...

oooh, I likey this one. It's like you've reached the inner ADD in me and set it free... teeheehee.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

digging the hair, fab highlights :)

PB capt crunch? HMMM I think I'll have to try that :)

congrats on the award, love Jenny Mac also :)