Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wait, You Mean Pilgrims Weren't Mormon?

Al and I stuffed our faces at his parent's house for Thanksgiving this year.

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving at my in-law's is the table. Isn't it beautiful?

When I grow up and actually have a dining room of my own, I'm gonna keep my table decorated just like this. All year long.

And of course when I grow up to be a big girl I will also have one of these and keep it decorated all year long:

But for now I'll just live vicariously through my sis-in-law. Aren't they adorable?

Al and I were the last ones to arrive, which of course was Alex's fault, not mine. He takes special showers ya know. So everything was pretty much ready to go by the time we arrived.

Here is my mom-in-law (or Damma, as Ava calls her) and her mom (Grandma Nancy) putting the salad together. We were so glad that Grandma Nancy was able to spend Thanksgiving with us.

And not just because she makes the best clam chowder, although that's a big plus. I don't know how this tradition started, but Alex's family always has clam chowder for their Thanksgiving appetizer. ALWAYS. I have no idea why.

Ok, now I've got myself all curious about it too.

Cris? Why do you always have clam chowder for Thanksgiving?

I'm pretty sure the pilgrims didn't have clam chowder at their dinner. Of course I'm horrible at history so I am really not the one to ask. However I have to say that there is one person who knows less about history than me, my lil sis. Which reminds me, you HAVE to hear this story!


*True Story*

We live in Utah. Utah has a holiday every 24th of July to celebrate the pioneers who traveled across the country to settle in Salt Lake City to create Mormon Land. My sweet sister Lindee thought that the pioneers and the pilgrims were the same thing.

That's right, she thought that pilgrims were mormons who traveled all the way to Utah to have their thanksgiving dinner with the Indians.


I'm pretty sure Joseph Smith was not a pilgrim.

And she didn't just think this when she was little. No, we found out about a year ago that she still believed this! Come on Lin, even I know the difference between pioneers and pilgrims. I am not lying people, this is a true story, and Lin will never hear the end of it.

I will never let her forget it.


In fact, I will start my own family Thanksgiving tradition and tell that story to my children at the dinner table every year and we will all toast to my sister's stupidity.

Thanks Lin, I just love traditions!


*Okay, back to our 2009 Thanksgiving*

This is Colin, my huge 7 year old neph. I still can't believe he is SEVEN YEARS OLD. I love his toothless butt!

My Albert only has two brothers so I get to have two sisters in law. I definitely lucked out in the sister in law department. Good taste must run in the family.

Ava, being the only girl grandchild, is always the center of attention at all family get togethers. Can you blame us?

Her two older brothers, Jaxon and Colin, adore her. Here is Jaxon helping Ava dress up in her princess costumes. (She is such a girly girl, I love it!)

I love Jaxon, he is the funniest kid ever. He picked out the leg of the turkey for his thanksgiving feast and I noticed he was examining it when I went to take their picture.

He started picking off all the meat and then told me that he was just going to look at the bone. That's it. He just wanted to study the turkey bone for his dinner.

Oh man, he cracks us up!

Speaking of turkey, here is a shot of our feast.

The food and wine were delicious and after stuffing my face I took a nap.

Surprise. Surprise. Me napping. Again. It was awesome.

I will leave you now with a picture of Bert.

He likes to wear black shirts with off-black hats.

Ya can't help but love his ass.


Justine said...

You love Bert's ass, you love the kid's toothless ass. What's up with the ass love anyway? Is this a precursor for something lewd? If so, please tell me!

And geez, is there even ONE ugly person in your family????

The house looks gorgeous too!

Justine :o )
Btw... Lindee is a dummy. Heeheehee

Kristina P. said...

Well, that spread is no Golden Corral, but I guess it looks OK. ;)

Jen said...

What a fabulous Thanksgiving.

confused homemaker said...

OK, I want to have beautiful home with the food. Seriously, jealous.

And man is my history in need of some fine tuning, because I totally thought the Pilgrims were Mormons :P

Frau said...

What a gorgeous spread and a beautiful family. Your poor sister...she will never live this down! Pilgrims and Mormons too funny!

Maki said...

Aw I love that table decoration - it's gorgeous!!! And your sister - priceless...

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Bird Shit and Baby Caca said...

Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Julia said...

That table looks like one heck of a grown up Thanksgiving with all that stem ware. Dang I wish we had a gigantic table where we could strap the children down to their seats and enjoy a meal like that!

I'd like to use some blond joke at this point about your sis but can only shake my head in sorrow for her lack of historical education.

Queenie Jeannie said...


Oh yeah, the food looks good too...

Sara said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and it looks like you have cooks in your family, that meal looked so yummy.

Your neice is a doll, so cute. I am jealous, I dont get to see my niece and nephew until Chritsmas than it's spoling time, being an aunt is so much fun

Debbi said...

Lovely pics, Poob.

And honestly, those kids (AND their mothers) are simply adorable! Why are ALL the good looks on BOTH your sides of the families?!?!

Lucky bum.

And seriously, I love your MIL. I love decorating for dinners and such. It TOTALLY makes the food taste better.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a fun time and oh poor sis she's never going to live this one down. I can see you all curled up in front of the fireplace telling the kids this long drawn out story about it that will end in her tears and your laughter :) ... LOL

Talk about an awesome table I so need to get me one of those, but I have a feeling the little monsters would break all that fun stuff :)

blueviolet said...

You may love Albert's ass, but good lordy pilgrim, do you see the size of those pecs? Love those too, ok?

Controlling My Chaos said...

Your table WAS gorgeous. And so is your kitchen for that matter. Looks like a great Thanksgiving. Love the Mormon Pilgrim story too.

Lee said...

I can't wait until I have a family of my own and get to pretend I made dinner...
I'll just buy takeout. But I'll decorate the table all pretty!

otin said...

Well, first off, I am picturing a SIL sandwich! lol!!!!

I like how we first celebrated with the Indians and then ran them off! lol!

That is a very nice looking house and a nice looking table!

kel said...

I wanna go to your thanksgiving! yum!

Jason, as himself said...

Great Thanksgiving! Beautiful all around.

I have to admit that when I was little I got the pilgrims and the pioneers confused, too.

But the question is, who drank coffee, and did it make them unworthy of God's blessings? That's the real question.

TMI Tara said...

Your picture-taking skills are rockin girl! These pix are fab! That Ava is a cutie too.

No lie I totally used to think pilgrims and pioneers were the same. But I figured it all out in about the 4th grade. Poor, poor Lin. It's hard to be stupid, or so I hear. :(

KK said...

That is a beautiful table and too funny about the pilgrims! We all have our own ideas about things :) Looks like a yummy Thanksgiving.

yulz said...

the table looks lovely and your in-laws . . . so beautiful :D

Jamie said...

I went form hungry to starving in 2.5 seconds!

Debbie said...

Pioneers, pilgrims. Same thing.
And that table is incredible. I didn't realize they existed like that in real life - outside of magazines.

Mommakin said...

Oh Lin. I'm sorry, sweetie. I think this one's got legs...

Hernandez Family said...

Is it just me or does "Bert" look really tan?

Synergy Girl said...

Oh, I miss the big "Too Doo's" at Thanksgiving!! We used to have beautifully decorated tables, and "sit down" dinners for thanksgiving...BUT, I guess when it comes down to it, it is about family, so I will just learn to love the buffet-style-sit-in-front-of-the-TV-till-you're-so-full-you-cant-get-up-Thanksgivings, cause after all, I do love my husband, and his family, no matter how "casual" they are...!!

Anonymous said...

The food looks yummy!!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, looks like a great time with family!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Everything and everyone looks absolutely beautiful! The decorated table? One of the reasons I love Thanksgiving (and Fall) so much. I'd love to keep my table decorated like that all year long, but Norman the cat and Princess Nagger are trouble makers and would mess it up. :)

Karin Katherine said...

Do all the men in Utah spend half their life in the gym? Because seriously, I may have to tell all my single girlfriends to move there.


Oh. And that tablescape. GORGEOUS! You could totally do that in Florida when you move here.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my word! I love Ava's grin! And her pig tails! And I love the toothless nephew too! And I adore the table. too pretty for words : )

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhh. I want one of those! Bow bedecked pig tails and all!

Orr's said...

I think you are the meanest sister. Alyse is now my favorite AND I saw turkey on that table!!!

Aleta said...

Oh Wow! That is a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving table. Where did she get the pilgrims from? They are great!

And I loved the pilgrim/mormon story. Too funny. *sigh* I'd love to go to Utah. I've heard about the natural beauty out there!

Pricilla said...

That hat looks blue.....

Maybe uhm, maybe BRIGHAM YOUNG was a pioneering pilgrim.

If I recall I don't think Joseph Smith ever made it all the way to Utah....he was murdered in Illinois.

I read a lot. Odd things really.

So now your sister can beat on you.

Elizabeth said...

Dang, what a spread. Your pictures are so homey :)

Cris said...

For all that asked my table decorations dolls came from Simpich that are no longer in business. I have collected all my dolls for years. My talented Mother did my table this year. Clam Chowder is from my childhood which was a tradition in our home. Thanks Kel for all the beautiful photos.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Too funny! My mom's grandpa told her they come over on the mayflower. Took her years to figure out that DUH he's wasn't that old lol.

Megan said...

I'm always envious of people that have the decorating gene. My decorating doesn't come very naturally. Looks like Thanksgiving was a blast for you guys and the kidlets sound adorable!